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SassyTeach 12-27-2020 06:07 AM

The Social Dilemma
Have any of you watched it?! I was like WHOA! :eek: the entire time!

MathWA 12-27-2020 06:17 AM

We just watched this on Netflix and I was shocked as well. Have you ever wondered why you or someone you love is addicted to social media like Facebook, Youtube, etc ? The implications about how social networking is programed to affect us is not surprising. The tech experts in this documentary are highly respected in the field and they discuss how their own creations are designed to change our individual thinking and behavior. This is well worth watching and unlike any other current tech documentary that I have seen.

chalkdusty 12-27-2020 06:28 AM

I watched it a couple of months ago. I think everyone should see it. It explains so much about why we are so divided.

SassyTeach 12-27-2020 07:07 AM

It made me really glad that I got off of Facebook a few months ago. I use Instagram, but my account has nothing on it, and I don't allow people to follow me. (I mean...really? Why would they want to? My profile is literally empty!)
I am questioning my use of Instagram, though, simply because it's owned by Facebook. What methods of manipulation are they employing there?

readerleader 12-27-2020 07:16 AM

I worry most for the children, teens, and young adults who have been born and raised on technology. They know nothing else. I've seen the vile way adults talk to each other on platforms where they feel emboldened to say whatever they want. It is all truly disturbing.

Teacherbee_4 12-27-2020 07:56 AM

Watched it
I saw it. I honestly wasn't shocked. It didn't surprise me.

LoveMyNature 12-27-2020 08:38 AM

I deleted my Facebook account, Instagram, and Reddit. I still have Twitter but I stopped checking it so much.

Facebook was taking up my time. Iím glad Iím not on it anymore.

NJ Teacher 12-27-2020 09:55 AM

Now I have to watch it...
I don't get Netflix, so I will not be watching this anytime soon, unfortunately. Sounds interesting and thought provoking.

That being said, I enjoy Facebook. I love being in contact with people I do not live close to and catching up. I am on Instagram and Twitter, too. Instagram doesn't interest me as much because I am not into seeing endless pictures with minimal comments, but I do have friends not on the FB platform who are there, so I keep my account active. I rarely post there. Twitter for me is political and I enjoy having a forum to communicate with like-minded individuals. A lot of the stuff on Twitter is superficial too, and I can't believe people are writing some of the stuff I read.

To me, I read what interests me and scroll past what doesn't. I don't feel manipulated or addicted to spending time on any of the social platforms.

juliet4 12-27-2020 10:15 AM

I dropped Facebook after watching...
I do not miss it one bit! I do still have Instagram and Pinterest. Someone tried to hack my Facebook so it went bye bye...

happygal 12-27-2020 05:25 PM

Could not finish
I learned that these entities plan our next addiction. Oh my!

I am on Facebook much less since watching this movie, i am much more productive too.

Haley23 12-27-2020 05:31 PM

Yes, I watched! And I could immediately see that it was 100% true. I turned off the feature in FB where they can use your google searches to cater advertising to you (before someone asks me how to do this, I honestly don't remember how I did it, but I'm sure a quick google search will tell you).

So now I can see that the content they show me is 100% based on how long I look at certain things on in my feed- so creepy. If I watch a "suggested video" or something, suddenly there are 100 more on the same topic. If I don't look at any of those, they move on to something else. I've even tried manipulating it and it totally works. Pre-covid, all I ever looked at on FB were cat things and I enjoyed that my feed was like 80% cats LOL. Then I think it got confused because I joined a bunch of teacher/union groups surrounding returning to school, what this year looks like, etc. So in my general news feed, I started quickly scrolling through everything that wasn't a cat post (I read some of my teacher groups individually by going directly to the group page, not relying on posts being in my feed) and now my FB is all cats again!

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