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Renea 01-12-2021 02:21 PM

covid vaccines are here!
I was able to register for the COVID vaccine today! It's supposed to be available in two weeks. I hope so. It would be wonderful to feel that I was protected from COVID.

I hope that the vaccine is available to all of us soon.

blueskies96 01-12-2021 04:38 PM

We registered
Too. We have preexising conditions plus live in a sparsely populated area so hopefully we will get our email soon.

Good luck!!!

hand 01-12-2021 07:39 PM

Happy for both of you! Iím anxiously awaiting my turn but Iím afraid it will be a while.

Summerwillcom 01-13-2021 02:11 AM

They have been available here for over a week
We got my dad on the list. :)

readbks2 01-13-2021 07:21 AM

I have an appointment in two weeks. I haven't ever had a reaction to a vaccine, so I am hoping it will be the same this time.

NJ Teacher 01-13-2021 08:37 AM

Wonderful news!
So glad you were able to register! I found out this morning that my governor is going to open up the vaccinations to those 65 and older, which is the group I'm in. I am already registered, so I will be eagerly awaiting the news that I can make an appointment to get the first shot. I am not sure how this is going to work or what the actual timetable is, because while the process is going more slowly than they would like, the state also has not received the amount of vaccines they need. I was going to get the second shingles shot on February 2nd, but that will be pushed back for me if I can start the Covid vaccine process in motion. I have my priorities:D...

luvmycat 01-13-2021 11:55 AM

Yes, DH just filled out his request for an appt with our county.

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