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kerrysgirl 01-17-2021 03:16 PM

grocery store markdowns?
I follow a couple of bloggers who post their great deals on grocery store markdowns in and among their other posts. I'm always amazed at how many items they find that are marked down by 50% or more. It then bums me out to see NOTHING like that in the stores local to me, some of which are the same chains as these bloggers shop at...Do your local grocery stores have a robust selection of markdowns? None at all? I'm conducting an informal poll...:-)

Haley23 01-17-2021 03:29 PM

I don't tend to see huge markdowns. I buy 95% of my food from Trader Joe's, and as far as I know they don't do sales or coupons, but their prices are more reasonable than the other stores here to begin with.

I shop for non-food items and drinks (pop and sparkling water) at King Sooper's (Kroger), mostly for convenience- in my 10 minute commute, I pass 3 of them :rolleyes:. They tend to have sales on the drinks I get that are like "buy 3 12 packs for $11" or something like that. When you consider it's often $4.50-6 for one 12 pack, that's a decent deal.

I'm sure there are better deals to be had if one really takes the time to sift through/find all of the coupons and hunt for deals. Back in the day I saw a few episodes of that "extreme couponing" show on TLC. While the people on the show obviously did well in regards to shopping, many of them admitted to spending 40 hours or more per week on their couponing/shopping. You'd be far better off financially getting an even minimum wage job for 40 hours per week. And who needs 100 bottles of ketchup? They often bought stuff in bulk over and over again that it seemed like would never get used.

amiga13 01-17-2021 04:38 PM

I donít usually shop the heavily discounted stuff anymore because itís usually approaching or on its expiration date. However, my daughter shops that way often for meat then builds a meal around it. Sheís had some astounding deals.

tctrojan 01-17-2021 05:07 PM

I know where to look at one grocery store and have gotten some good deals. I know that it needs to be eaten quickly.

LazyLake 01-17-2021 05:08 PM

Back when I would go into the grocery store:rolleyes:, I would always check the bakery section for the "close to sell by date" items that were reduced in price.

I think the last item I got was a bakery box of 3 dozen holiday sugar cookies that went on sale the day after the holiday, but had an expiration date that was 2 months away. The only reason they went on sale was because they were decorated for the holiday that had just passed the day before. The kids didn't complain when they ate them!<!--giggle--> They were 75% off.

Sadly, I don't go into the store now.

readerleader 01-18-2021 08:39 AM

has a rack where they sell reduced items. It's usually pretty weird stuff or seasonal items. Once in a while I find something good. At Christmas time, they had the game Bananagrams for $7.49, which is 50% off the normal retail price. A bought a bunch of them, no pun intended!

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