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ReadingMiss 11-22-2011 08:30 AM

Picture books for focus lessons in CAFE
Hi I was wondering if anyone can give me suggestions on what type of books I can use for the focus lessons in CAFE. I work with middle school students. This will be my first year using CAFE. PLEASE HELP!

lvtolearn 06-13-2012 06:28 AM

Picture Books with CAFE
Hi! I found this site I hope you might find something useful there. It has a TON of resources for Cafe, Daily 5, reading and writing. There are also a lot of links that might be useful. Make sure you scroll down the entire page. I think reading books were close to the end of the page.

bloomingagain 07-22-2012 01:20 PM

Oh.My.Goodness!! What an awesome website! Thank you so much for sharing it. I have just spent the entire afternoon reading and downloading materials for next year. Whoo Hooo!!

TEACH1 07-22-2012 02:52 PM

Thanks for sharing the website!

Mrs. Hos 07-25-2012 06:49 AM

What a fabulous resource for CAFE! Thanks so much for sharing it!

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