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Savvy 06-06-2012 02:59 PM

literacy centers
I want to run my centers in a different way next year. Right now, I do four rotations daily. Students visit the teacher's table for guided reading, they independently read at their desks, they work in a poetry station, and they do a journal response. While these things are great, I find it a little boring and I want to differentiate a little better. Some students need practice with letter sounds, fluency, etc. So I want to have centers that address this. What I need help with is knowing how to manage all of this. I've seen some people put pictures of kids up next to certain centers. But, how do you decide how often a person should visit a center? How do you make sure that they don't miss out on the essentials? (Journal response is non negotiable at my school.) Actually, I think in typing this out, I can answer my own question about that one, but I still want to hear some input. Can you help?

BettySpeller 06-07-2012 03:00 PM

I do cards with each center on. Then, I have pictures of the students on separate cards. I put them in a pocket chart and then rotate the center cards daily. Depending on what I really want kids to focus on, I might add a few more cards for one center in the rotation. Hope this makes sense.

bennyjake 06-07-2012 06:35 PM

I do
4 rotations as well. Mine are as follows:

small group reading with me
literacy stations - I have 4 stations that 2 students visit at a time
2-big books, stamps, leap pad (some of the things I put out, at different times)
3-fine motor such as string letter beads, tracing, how to draw, etch-a-sketch
4-classroom library

I do rotations Mon-Thurs so everyone gets to each literacy station each week and I change them every month or so.

I post the rotation schedule on my smartboard - 4 pages - we rotate each 15 min, so I just click each rotation change. Could do schedule on hanging chart too, but the technology is great to use. This is hard to explain, but hope it helps. I teach kdg.

Kgeslab 06-27-2013 07:57 PM

center management
I use a weekly checklist. I have 4 groups running in my classroom and everything is color coded. There is a leveled book box, a writing activity, phonics or spelling, sight words, listening center, and guided reading. They also have a follow up for guided reading - a comprehension activity. If they are in the yellow leveled book box they look for the centers/ activities coded yellow. I use dot stickers, colored paper, colored file folders and colored post it notes in red, green, blue and yellow. When the center is complete they fill it in to their checklist, check it off and put the work in their folder. At the end of the week I can check the work, check off what they mastered and see what needs more work. Once it is set up it really runs itself.

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