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70Primrose 09-03-2019 07:55 PM

Our administration throws so much paperwork at us I feel I have no time to actually teach! I finally got to my student information sheets I sent home at Meeet the Teacher and the parents wrote such great heartfelt things about their children and what they want for their children to accomplish, but I feel I have had no time to plan or get caught up to actually take a breath and spend time thinking about or getting to really know my students. Data meetings, stupid long list of employee videos we have to watch, lesson plans to turn in, new curriculum, new grading system, new copier, new absence management...the list is never ending. Not to mention we test the heck out of these kids the first two weeks.
Iím sorry parents, I will eventually get to your kids once administration stops thinking of crap for us to do so they can justify their existence.

NJ Teacher 09-04-2019 05:40 AM

I agree...
I am retired now, but the beginning of the year was the worst. There were so many forms to keep track of and return to the Office. The first faculty meeting was especially stressful with all the new initiatives and multiple curriculum changes they expected us to be on top of. SGOs needed to be written and returned before we knew it, and that meant endless data collection. We also had a new curriculum director last year, and he insisted on changes to the math SGO we had. Fortunately, we were able to keep the same assessment interest for my final year. And we changed to a standards-based report card which needed even more data collection and more meetings as it evolved. We had more professional control years ago, but now in my district, there's a lot of top-down management and a drive to keep everyone the same. '

I hope your year is a wonderful one once you get past this.

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