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Signed out223 09-04-2019 01:52 PM

IEP question
Signed out... Our special ed teacher is not taking students due to testing individuals. This has gone on for weeks. How is this okay? Wouldn't this be considered out of compliance with the students' IEPS? Also, how is this okay in any way? I have my entire class while testing individuals. Shouldn't those students be with the sped teacher during the times stated on their IEP no matter who the teacher is testing?

teabreak 09-04-2019 03:23 PM

The SpEd answer
That answer is.....It depends.

What do the student's IEPs say? Where is their instruction to take place? How many minutes? What kind of testing is the SpEd teacher doing?

These are all questions I have to answer as the SpEd teacher. In our state, if the IEP says the student receives services in the general ed classroom, then I only need to provide the specialized instruction to the teacher to deliver (I don't personally do this, but it is legal). If the IEP says the instruction takes place in a resource setting, then they should be pulled for their time.

As for the testing, SpEd teachers generally have to do the grade level assessments as well as building, district, and state assessments and then the ones required for the IEPs (Woodcock-Johnson and such) this takes a lot of time.

Ask them about the testing and see how many they have to test (multiple grades levels gets difficult). Can you talk to this teacher? I truly understand your frustration, but the beginning of the year is a ton of paperwork for a SpEd teacher.

Haley23 09-04-2019 03:26 PM

Have you talked to her? I have had four principals and none of them have allowed me to start pull out groups right away. They want kids in their regular rooms learning new routines/procedures/rules. I am typically given a date to start that's 2-3 weeks in. I know a lot of our teachers think that I am getting "extra planning" during the first few weeks and that couldn't be farther from the truth. I am running like crazy dealing with all the new transfers and paperwork. I always appreciate just starting my regular schedule because it's actually a lot less work.

My district requires us to do this absurd DIBELS DEEP test for all students who are "red" each year. It takes at least 45 minutes per child. A couple of years ago I started asking if I could at least start pulling my kids 1:1 just for that testing during the first couple of weeks when I'm not allowed to do regular groups so that I don't finally start regular groups only to have to spend the entire time testing.

As for testing kids 1:1, I've always done that unless it's something like an intervention block where all students in the grade level leave and my kids would have nowhere else to go. I personally feel like it would be absurd to pull them out of class where learning is happening to sit in my room doing busywork/i pad apps with headphones on while I test just one child. BUT if a teacher was up in arms about it, probably not a battle I'd fight and I'd do just that. Another factor is what kind of testing it is. Something like the DEEP test, not as big of a deal if a teacher is going to insist on her students sitting on i pads in my room. For something like a formal Woodcock Johnson for an evaluation, I wouldn't be able to budge on that because there are certain setting requirements you have to meet. The results would be invalid if it wasn't a 1:1 testing session.

I always say that any date I start services, I have at least one teacher furious with me that it's "too early" and a least one furious that it's "too late." It's very difficult to work with so many teachers who often make assumptions rather than just coming to talk to me.

GoodEnough85 09-04-2019 03:56 PM

this is tricky. ALL schools do things differently.

First, it would never fly at any of my present or past schools. I've always been told serve from day one to the last day. We would try our hardest to meet that standard. Even if we leave them in the GenEd room most of the day for classroom procedures and BTS/meet the class activities, we are expected to pull them at some point and do that for our rooms too. It may take a day or two to solidify the schedule but we tweak it as we go. It will never be perfect in the lower grades.

There is some testing that has to occur that does require that no others be present. Not a lot. Some. Evaluation testing--Woodcock-Johnson or Weschler IQ testing--like that--require privacy.

Some of the placement tests though can happen with other kids in the room. It depends on the school though.

In my present district, I would need to try to schedule those things in my plan time and/or ask another SpEd teacher to cover my scheduled classes/students. Then, in return, I would probably need to cover her kids so that she could do the same. I would not be allowed to just not serve them.

But it really does depend on your district.

newbie17 09-05-2019 10:42 PM

I don't pull during the first week or the last week of school. The first week they need to adjust to the new year and learn the new procedures. The last week they are participating in activities with their peers.

You say it's been weeks though and the teacher still isn't pulling kids? That wouldn't be allowed in my district. At this point (3 weeks in) I'm still begging some teachers to send me their kids to make sure they get their minutes!

With that being said there are some tests that do require a 1 on 1 environment, but I can't imagine anyone is taking weeks to do those. I only perform those tests for reevaluations or referrals. I would talk to the teacher (kindly) and see what's going on.

NewCAteacher 09-06-2019 01:53 PM

This is weird. So shes literally testing all day long and has zero time to see kids? Id try to find out whats up, in a kind way, of course. Testing/paperwork is a big part of your job in SPED, but so is the actual teaching.

Ive known several resource teachers who view themselves more as data collectors and often cancel groups to do more testing. They spend a lot of time testing...both formal and informal. They really enjoy the paperwork aspect. Im wondering if your SPED teacher is one of these. I dread the My enjoyment comes from teaching small groups and being in the classroom.

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