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teachreading3 01-18-2018 10:39 AM

Title 1 not even Title 1
Hi there,
I want to know how other interventionists feel about my current situation. Title 1 at my school is not set up as additional support for students as it should be. We are running Title 1 in a completely illegal way where I am 6th grade student's ELA teacher. So that means I am in charge of teaching them the curriculum in addition to magically filling the gaps they have. I just find it ridiculous and completely frustrating that they can't find a better alternative. We have tried pull out but at the middle school level there really isn't a great time for that as there is no guided reading time or anything of the sort when I could pull. They ended up falling behind in their classes because of this so I didn't blame the teachers for complaining. No one cares to find a way to provide Title 1 services IN ADDITION to their ELA which is what they need. I absolutely hate my job because of this (and other reasons) because it's just doing a disservice to these students who really need extra support.

WGReading 01-19-2018 07:52 PM

It does not sound like things are set up efficiently at your school. I work at a Title wide elementary school that feeds into a middle school along with 4 other Title wide schools to make it a Title wide middle school - very high poverty and also a very high percentage of bilingual qualified students.
At that middle school, content subjects are taught in blocks. Based upon (I believe) spring 5th grade MAP scores, if students are low enough in reading, they are placed in a double block of reading. Same for math. I don't now all of the details for sure but I'm pretty sure that kids who have to do double blocks (ESL and intensive readers) basically just do reading and math, with any other subjects receiving the minimum amount of time required - basically those students do not have any electives. In a situation like that, the students may have 1 block of ELA, which is leveled, plus an additional block for intervention.
I'm sorry I don't have any real advice on how you can change your system. If your administration does not see the issue with the organization of literacy instruction, it is going to be hard to make changes. My principal is pretty open to conversation about making changes based upon research and data, so that is probably what I would suggest you try - do research on successful title schools and get data together and present it all to your administration. It's a long shot, but worth it to try to help your students.

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