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NewCAteacher 11-15-2019 05:04 PM

Donít like how my student is being treated
As a SPED teacher I obviously work with some kids who have emotional and organizational issues. Some have work completion issues. I feel that one of my students is being expected to do way too much by his teacher. He has made significant growth this year academically and social emotionally, but of course he isnít perfect. Heís doing most of his work, but the problem is that the teacher expects the students to do SO MUCH that it is unattainable for him. He gets punished when he does 10 math problems for homework instead of all 20, even though shortened assignments are in his IEP.

IMO, at least he DID it. That is big growth from years past. Iíve talked to the teacher but she just canít lower her sky high expectations for him.

Thanks for listening.

PrivateEyes 11-15-2019 05:22 PM

Isn't the IEP
a legal document?

If he gets shortened assignments in his IEP, then there could be consequences for her and for your school, if the parents wanted to push the issue.

NewCAteacher 11-15-2019 05:32 PM

You are correct.

msd2 11-16-2019 04:16 AM

My district is notorious for putting caveats on almost all accommodations except for maybe a blind student having a braille book (and not having to ask for one - ha).

Our district would have the IEP team use phrases such as "as requested" so that each and every homework assignment would require the student to ask if he or she could have it shortened. Some kind teachers who understand the game work well with the student and don't require the request, but others are just hard nose and know that it gives them the wiggle room desired (most often why the caveat was added) to ignore the accommodation or not be able to be called out on it if they forget or choose to ignore it.

So, how are your accommodations written?

A bit off of OP's topic....Before anyone goes to the argument that students need to be their advocates, my district really doesn't care where the student is on the advocacy level. They will slap that on everything for just about anyone. It isn't about building advocacy skills because there is never, ever a goal in the IEP to build those skills. It is expected that the special education student will actually go beyond what the general education student must do since for many of these accommodations they are still necessary all the time.

Summerwillcom 11-17-2019 02:18 PM

Another view..
As a general ed teacher, I have seen student expectations lowered to a point that is ridiculous over the yrs. It may just be our inexperienced sped teacher. IDK, but I have had lots of sped kids over the yrs do way more than what the sped teacher thinks is possible.
Many are kids who would not even be in SPED if not for RTI pushing it. I have had aides so surprised in my room at times that they run and copy the student's class work. Things sped did not think the kid could even do.
A lot of times the kids in sped due to the RTI rush process are capable of catching up w/ high expectations and could become functioning, employed adults. They may have to work a little harder at it , but it'd pay off in their adult yrs.
I know there are a lot of kids not like that too. ( Those are a different story.)
I have heard capable kids laugh that now they are in sped, they don't have to do something or only need to do a small part when they were capable. Those kids just get further behind every yr and most will not be employable now. It is sad to watch. If an IEP says to shorten the assignments as needed, I'd have followed it just because of policy, but I'd encourage the kids to do all that they can. Sorry! If I sound annoyed w/ sped. I am, but not w/ you in particular! <!--pumpkin_pie-->

gradine112 11-21-2019 06:51 AM

Piggybacking off Another view...
Like the previous poster, Summerwillcom, in a lot of states and schools, getting the bells and whistles on accommodations is easy and to the point of where the kid basically gets to just sit there and have an aid do everything. Another perspective is that of the gen teacher who is teaching a year of standardized testing. For scores in my states, SPED kids have to show a certain amount of growth and they count double! So, if SPED kids do not grow on their tests it hurts the district badly and can be the reason for a D or F rating. No joke. So, a lot of teachers know that the kid can do more but is making excuses or has been tied to accommodations for so long. She is probably holding him responsible because she is being held responsible for her test scores. There is now data, research and programs available saying that we have been doing it wrong all this time by modifying lessons for SPED kids because they are responsible for the same test and worldly experience as their peers. It has been suggested to push them and expose them to at level material because they will catch on just slower. As a teacher, I know aids dislike me because I have "high standards." Really, I just know that most of these kids are capable of more than just taking notes and writing their name...

Summerwillcom 11-24-2019 02:02 PM

Making their test scores count 2x is down right insane. Yes, it is way too easy here for kids to get pushed into sped when they really don't belong there here.
AS teachers who care, we see it as a victory when we can keep kids out of that system. There are kids who need to be in it. I'm not saying that.
There are just so many who are a bit behind or don't test well that could grow up to be productive members of society if the expectations were higher. The kid knows they are behind. They may need to know that that means they need to work harder to catch up.
Yes, they will have some of the same worldly challenges as their peers. They need to know if they work hard they can catch up and do well.
As adults, bosses aren't going to do all of the modifications for them. I've seen too many kids caught up in that situation and it makes me sick.

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