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Alicia G 01-01-1970 12:00 AM

Older kids like the Bill Nye videos. He's obnoxious but it drives the points home. And, I like Schlessinger videos for different age levels.

You might want to check for used videos (via the library or internet) so you can buy more; often used are half-price. On the other hand, DVDs are a lot more durable and soon that might be all that's available.

RKM 04-23-2006 07:27 AM

Educational Videos
Our librarian is getting ready to order books/videos for next school year. She needs our input on what to order. What educational videos do you use in your classroom that you could not live without? We already have several of the Between the Lions videos and all of the LeapFrog videos (Letter Factory, Talking Words Factory, etc.). What else do you primary teachers like? Thanks in advance for any replies to this post.
RKM :s)

patschmidt 04-23-2006 10:57 AM

How about some of the Reading Rainbow videos.

Smiles66 04-27-2006 12:02 PM

Free Videos Online
Hi there,

I just came across a site that you have to sign up for, but is free! It has videos that are really good. I have shown two of them to my grade 1's and 2's and they were very good. The only difficulty is you need an internet projector so that you can show them. The actual real player screen is quite small. However, if you have a projector that projects sites on line you are in luck! Here is the address...I hope it helps! It has k-8 videos by strand.

patschmidt 04-30-2006 04:54 AM

If your school has the money this is an awesome site.
We have our computers hooked up to the tvs and then show them on there. They have recently added all of the Magic School Bus videos. They seem to have thousands of videos to choose from... they are in all grade levels. It is well worth the money.

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