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monogram 11-20-2014 06:05 AM

Inclusion question
I wanted to ask those of you in middle school resource positions about the inclusive classroom. I am working with students a couple of grade levels below their peers and trying to accommodate and use effective strategies with them during class time. I am not currently co teaching at this time so with assignments and organizational skills, study skills I am finding it somewhat difficult to effectively work on the goal areas for these students. It is very rare that my students get work done during class time and then it carries over into directed studies time. We have been told that our directed studies time should only be used to address goal areas. The problem we are having is students don't take anything home with them for homework, so it has to be done at school or it doesn't get done. Just trying to effectively work out the kinks so that I can effectively use strategies, address goal areas and guide students towards accomplishing work. I would like to hear how others are addressing inclusion with their students and what is working for you. Thanks

kinderlake 01-18-2015 09:57 PM

I was right there with you last year! :) It seemed that I spent the entire period trying to catch the kids up on their assignments from their classes that it was a struggle to actually find the time to work on their goals and improve their skill levels. This is what Ifinally did to help:

1) weekly grade checks, requiring parent/teacher signatures for class grades below a C and what they could do about their grades (turn in work late, re-take quizzes, study more, etc.)This put the ownership of the grades on the students, parents, and teachers.

2) communicating regularily with core teachers to make sure that the work was being modified and the kids needs were being met.

3) writing goals to work within the confines I had to work in so I could effectively work on goals and class work at the same time (reading goals: work on context clues and strategies to enable student X to understand grade level material. In middle school, reading goals were transitioned from learning to read better to using strategies to help understand the grade level material. I had many students who scored a 5th/6th grade level in reading who were able to comprehend 8th and 9th grade material by working on vocabulary skills, context clues, and stopping frequently to re-read,think it through, discuss the material etc. Math goals were more difficult, if you don't understand Algebra, chances are you won't pass Algebra II either.

It was a struggle, and I don't feel that it worked well for those who weren't able to comprehend the material when it was presented orally, but for those who had a single disability (reading comprehension, writing skills, etc.) and were otherwise cognitvely able to comprehend the material it seemed to work.

dee 01-19-2015 02:27 AM

Insist on shortened assignments that only get at the "meat" of the lessons.

20 problems- do 10, or 5.
10 vocab words- give them 5 or less.
Map work- give them a map with less on it.

This focuses their energy, attention, and allows them to start feel successful which in turn will lead to them being able to do more in the future.

Tounces 06-04-2015 08:03 AM

Not sure I'm understanding your question- do they have goal areas that cover study skills? If so, can't you work on that during the directed study time?
What are their study skills goals?
Do they use a planner? I would do a planner check. Goals could be to write assignments in the planner, check them off when done or get them signed by a parent. That way the parent could see and get on them for doing their homework.
Is that kind of what you were asking?

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