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Athena17 12-26-2019 12:03 PM

Ea ela
I have lesson plans for 2 activities that I will be doing in the week we return from break. Is anyone willing to look at them and give me advice on:

1. Are they different configurations? (whole class vs small group)
2. Are the lessons showcasing diverse instructional strategies to engage all students?

Hope everyone is enjoying their time off!

WhyHello 12-27-2019 08:41 PM

1. Whole class means just that. You're delivering instruction to the class as a whole. What they do with it (think/pair/share, independent work after each step of your instruction ,etc) is dependent on the the lesson plan, itself. But the mode of instruction is you to the whole class.

Small group means you're working with a subset of your class (defined by you according to your lesson objective(s)) while the rest of the class is doing something else.

2. Are you disseminating info to your students, and then having them process that information in different ways? Of course you are, right? Each of the ways you disseminate info (powerpoint lectures, webquests, worksheets) and then process that info is an "instructional strategy". You need to be able to define them in clear terms, and make sure that you use strategies that maximize student learning. For instance, if my lesson objective is for students to be able to use Shakespearean-era words fluently, is it best to have them take notes on a powerpoint I prepared, do a webquest of some kind that I designed, complete a worksheet I created, etc? I need to plan this ahead of time, and then be able to explain my decisions in a way that shows I was intentional with maximiazing my students' learning.

Good luck!

Athena17 12-28-2019 07:02 AM

WhyHello, Thank you for the informative reply! This board helps so much!

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