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whiteturtle 07-07-2020 07:29 AM

Recess items?
What are some good indoor recess items for 2nd grade?

Keltikmom 07-07-2020 07:51 AM

Indoor recess
Things my second graders loved:
Dominos - for building “rallies” to knock over
Blocks or all sizes and materials
The art box - whenever we did an art project I would toss all the left over scraps and tidbits into a tub. Then set it out and let them make whatever they wanted.
Geoboards and rubber bands
Puppets - I had collected a lot over the years. Second graders still like imaginative play.
Interestingly, and not surprising though, they weren’t drawn to board games or puzzles.

donna 07-09-2020 01:23 PM

My class enjoys....

building with Legos , Lincoln Logs, pattern blocks

games like Connect Four, Guess Who, Checkers, Sorry, Battleship.

drawing with markers, colored pencils and drawing books

Play doh with cookies cutters, rolling pins and plastic knives

Song of Joy 07-09-2020 02:34 PM

I think I would look for things that could be sanitized quickly or disposed.

Red solo cups are good for building things, along with pipe cleaners, tape and paper clips. Some kids like to play school, but they will need to use their own mini whiteboard and marker.

I remember having two huge totes of Legos, but I wonder what the cleaning protocol will be. Will each kid need their own baggy of Legos?

Here's a site with social distancing games. I breaks my heart to even think of a whole list of games where no one can get close to another.

whiteturtle 07-10-2020 05:01 AM

Song of Joy, you bring up a sad point. With so many of us addicted to our devices, social skills are already a concern. COVID19 is only adding to the problem. I wonder how we can be creative and help kids connect even though they are physically apart? It's a challenge for sure!

Thank you everyone for your responses. I see so many good ideas!

SusanTeach 07-10-2020 08:26 AM

2nd grade recess
Mine LOVED Legos! I don't know if that will work this year due to germs. I like the idea of them having their own baggy, but that could get expensive and they like the variety.

They also loved play doh, so I bought the small container for each student. I put their initials on top. That would still work this year.

They liked the big floor puzzles, but again I don't know how that will work.

They also loved any art supplies - construction paper to cut, watercolor paints, stickers, and lots and lots of tape LOL, etc...

Violets2 07-26-2020 04:27 AM

recess items
Sadly, with Covid, I don't think students will be able to use any of my usual indoor items: legos, checkers, dominoes, puzzles, all group oriented things. Last year, I did buy small, individual "play doh" at Dollar Tree so I may give each student 1 to just keep at their desk. Otherwise, it'll be individual drawing, coloring, Go Noodle or KidsBop for indoor recess. Outdoor, who knows yet.

whiteturtle 07-26-2020 08:16 AM

Violet2, the closer we get to time to start school, the more concerned I'm getting. Are these poor kids going to be expected to sit at a desk all day? What do we do with early finishers? How do we teach math without manipulatives? How do we teach guided reading without stations? I know there are answers to these questions, but my head hurts when I think of the details too much.

On the other hand, I miss being in the classroom and I am forever grateful to have my job. It'll be a good day when COVID19 is well under control and we can get back to some sense of normal in our classrooms.

Violets2 07-27-2020 04:04 AM

I'm right there with you on teaching the way we know is best for students. I keep saying, school will not be normal and we (parents, teachers, students) can't expect it to be. We'll improvise and do the best we can. I may go back to the days I made individual bags of manipulatives for them to keep in their desks. Too soon to think about that for me though. Maybe I just pass items out--which are plastic, at the end of the lesson, collect in a big container and spray to sanitize. I'll need to wait for guidance from my district.

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