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Zephie 07-10-2020 06:27 AM

How do you keep paper grades?
in the past I kept a binder full of graph paper to keep a running record of assignment/assessment grades and overall grades. I've never been a fan of traditional paper gradebooks because i have bigger handwriting and those squares are tiny. I'd like something a little different this year as my student load is increasing a lot. My grades will be entered online for official.records, but I like having my own backup copy.

Do you have a planner you like with larger squares?

SDT 07-10-2020 06:34 AM

I have a hard time finding something that really meets my needs, so I just make my own. You can easily create your own in Google docs, slides, or sheets. I like doing that because I can make it exactly the way it works best for me. Iíve added and changed a little bit each year, but Iíve had the same basic format for many years. If allowed, I create my own lesson plan forms too.

SassyTeach 07-10-2020 07:21 AM

Grading form
I just created my own that I've used for years. It's not fancy, but it works!

123rabbit 07-10-2020 07:35 AM

Grade book
We have a printable gradebook feature that I use and love in our online gradebook. You can format the page to create as many grids as you need. These grid boxes can be bigger depending on how many you select. I always select full names and id numbers and save it to my desktop for future copies. I print several copies and keep them on clipboards for grades,returning paper trackers, and sub folder class lists. It is so easy to update your list when you add a new student or someone moves. I keep all my grades on these sheets then add the grades to my online gradebook.
This printable gradebook feature is a timesaver. <!--colorpencils--><!--schoolbus--><!--apple--><!--schoolhouse--><!--boy_waving--><!--girl1--><!--girl2-->

SusanTeach 07-10-2020 08:22 AM

I started printing a copy of my grades every week. It was so much easier! I didn't have to write them down then input them in the computer. I sat at my computer, graded the tests, input them in the computer, and printed it out. The next week when I printed a new one, I trashed the old copy. That way I only had one copy printed at a time. I slid it in the front of my binder.

Honestly, it's one of the bigger things I did to quit adding work on myself. My friend did it for years and I fought it (change is hard!), but once I started I wondered why I hadn't done it before!

I realize that's not what you asked for, but I wanted to mention it in case you don't find what you want and would like to try it. :)

prechrswife 07-10-2020 08:56 AM

I use a template a co-worker made and keep them in a binder. She made the template in Numbers for Mac, but you could do something similar with Excel.

Teacherbee_4 07-10-2020 09:05 AM

I only use our online grade book, which I'm sure is a big no-no, but years ago I did both and it was just too much time to record the grades manually and on the computer. So far, nothing has been lost. If things are and can't be recovered, I guess I'll have to cross that bridge when I get to it.

When I did use both, the school I was at used Infinite Campus for it's online grade book. In the reports (?, could be a different name), you could generate a blank spreadsheet with your class roster. I did that for my grade book. I did it in different colors for each subject and then hole punched them and put them in a 3 pronged folder since it weighed less than a binder/was easier to take to and from school.

Lilbitkm 07-10-2020 09:26 AM


I only use our online grade book, which I'm sure is a big no-no, but years ago I did both and it was just too much time to record the grades manually and on the computer. So far, nothing has been lost. If things are and can't be recovered, I guess I'll have to cross that bridge when I get to it.
Same here and I know that nobody on my third grade team uses a paper grade book. It was double the work for me, the paper grade book only lasted for a few months my first year in third before I ditched it.

When I taught younger grades we were on standards based report cards so everything had to be on paper.

I still keep a data binder with all of my student’s data but no grade book.

Zephie 07-10-2020 09:29 AM

Online system
several of my friends had issues where the online system would "dump" their grades last year. I was advised to keep a paercopy just in case I have to reenter and graded work has already been sent home.

Teddi9192 07-10-2020 12:08 PM

I print my own pages. Create a chart that is 12 x 25 or 3 more than number of students. Column 1 is class numbers, column 2 is alphabetical list of students in the class, column 3-12 are blank. Resize so they are the same width. Row 1 gets lengthened as long as you can so you can write assignments. Bottom row is date of assignment. Row above that is number of points. If I can I add a couple of extra lines that are blank. As soon as I print a class list, I get a new student.

Print a bunch, hole punch and put in thin 3 ring binder with lesson plans.

You will be surprised how often you need a class list with check boxes. Fundraisers, pictures, formative assessments, subs attendance forms etc.

Haley23 07-10-2020 12:39 PM

Personally, I would just save them electronically rather than doing double the work, if you need a back up. After you enter the grades, go to print it but choose "save as PDF" instead. That way you have a back up and you're not wasting paper either! Even if you do this after every single time you enter a new assignment/test, it would be less time and work than entering everything in two different grade books.

MissESL 07-10-2020 04:19 PM

I have a google sheets grade book that I use as my backup.

If youíre set on a paper copy, I have also created a blank table with student names along the left and a row for assignments along the top. I also find the old red record books too tiny/lacking space. This way I can make it as big as I want and just print out copies as I need them.

Ima Teacher 07-10-2020 04:33 PM

I have one I made on Word. It has all of my classes on one page. I use one sheet per assignment.

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