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bnm0329 01-02-2018 09:11 AM


Happy New Year!!

During our Winter Break, it has given me time to reflect on how I can be a better teacher to my 5th graders so they can be MORE successful as they are entering Middle school.

I have a very chatty group and some of my students are just flat out disrespectful. In addition, they lacking in completing ALL of their assigned homework and there is always an excuse or NONE at all for that matter. Their homework is as follows:

TECHNOLOGY - School Wide requirement
1. Reading Plus - 10 lessons per week
2. Lexia - 80 minutes or less weekly (depending on the student's level)
3. Imagine Math with Journaling - 10 lessons per week

4. Pearson Lesson (Math) & Math Spiraling Review
5. Language Arts Spiraling Review

It does seem like a lot; however, most of the time, the students are able to complete their technology homework during Centers. So basically, they only have #4 and 5 to complete outside of school.

I need and want advice on how I can hold them MORE accountable for not completing their assignments and be MORE responsible; I will say as well that there is minimal support from the parents either.

I worry about their success because their non-completion of their Math homework, for example, effects their quizzes and assessments. I have requested conferences from parents with little or no response.

I am at my wits end and need to start off the New Year in a positive mindset and pass that along to them so they can change their habits.

So again, I would appreciate it very much for any advice you may have to offer.

Thank you very much and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

cooper5 01-05-2018 07:31 PM

Give them choice, etc
Here's a few ideas:

I would give them some choice this might help motivate them. You could do a BINGO sheet that lists all the homework for the week(or day) and tell them that they could pick 3 that makes a BINGO (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal).

Homework Heroes-kids that complete their HW for a whole week get decide. I let them go on the computer for 15 minutes

Send home a slip for parents to sign for each assignment not done.


JulieP 02-23-2018 08:33 PM

What I realized
So, I do Monthly Genre Projects, and do quite a bit of online assignments. We were having the same problem. Then, we realized that many of our kids have never been taught HOW to budget their time. So now, each teacher writes out budgets for each week. I even created a google doc and sent to parents to help with weekly budgeting.

Example: The Math teacher required student to have 90 minutes on Khan Academy Each week. This time included assignments and their quest. On her board she put Saturday/Sunday- 2 assignments, 30 minutes; Monday- 3 assignments, 45 minutes, Tuesday- 4 assignments, 60 minutes; and so on.

For me, we spent a class period dividing our book into 2 parts then set a date to be done with each part. Then we divided those number of pages by the days to see the minimum number of pages to read each day. Then we each created a week long calendar and included things like Khan assignments, sports practices, church, etc. so students could see that on x day, they weren't going to be able to read as much that night, so they had to move their minutes around to accommodate.

LET ME TELL YOU!!!!! Even some of my highest of the high kids had ah-ha moments with this. AND it cut down on their stress.

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