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3boys:) 01-11-2018 03:02 PM

Invention. Convention Idea
We are doing an Invention Convention at our school. Instead of each child making something, we have to do something as a class. We have to do it during our already limited science time (which we need to prep for our science test)😜. Anyway, we need an easy invention. Some of my students have come up with a magnetic shoe-which mean taking a flat and turning it into a heel with magnets or Velcro. They have also added to it by making a shoe that turns into a tennis shoe by doing the same thing. We havenít made anything yet. These are just ideas. What do you think of this? We need a name and some ideas on how it can be done easily and cheaply. I have some idea, but would love to hear some other ones.:)

GreenGables 06-06-2018 09:03 PM

new to this board and wondered how it went
Itís too bad you didnít get any replies to your request for invention conventionó did you end up using the shoe idea?
I think creating an invention as a whole class sounds like a fantastic idea. I do get your lament about limited class time and testing, though.
We have a combination of the invention convention and a discovery fair in which students portray people - like a living museum. I hardly ever see invention participants- maybe class projects would be a way to generate some interest.

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