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NewteacherMS 06-11-2018 07:27 PM

Moving from 5th to 1st
I am moving from Fifth grade to first grade possibly this year I have any of you tomorrow and I'm praying for success. Has anyone had any experience moving that low before?

escanteach 06-24-2018 11:41 AM

Hello. I started in 5th and moved to 1st for 8 years. This year I'm moving back to 5th so I know how you are feeling. You can do it!

1st graders are kinders in the beginning yet the evolve into 2nd graders by the end of the year so it's a wonderful transformation to be a part of! Pinterest and Teachers Pay Teachers (don't let the name fool you!) have TONS of free first grade ideas. I also like and; checking them out will give you an idea of what's expected in first grade.

If possible get familiar with the curriculum, assessments, expectations. Also, if you have a chance to meet with your new teammates they can be an invaluable source of help.

Good luck and stay confident!

klarabelle 08-03-2018 06:17 PM

Remember 1st grade needs help with many things. I forgot to teach spacing, I just assumed they knew to space. I did enjoy 1st after moving down from 6th.

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