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JanieS 07-23-2019 04:12 PM

Good Spelling Program for 5th
We are currently looking at Words Their Way. This seems more like a primary program, and seems time intensive. Does anyone have experience with this program in upper grades? If so, thoughts? Any other good program suggestions? Thanks!

Singvogel 07-24-2019 11:05 AM

Words Their Way-
was not really a program in the beginning. I found that developing the materials was very time-consuming. There are materials written using this method, so that takes care of the time part, but I didn't find that my students' spelling improved at all. Their general word knowledge did, though.

In the past, we used Scott Foresman Everyday Spelling, now owned by Pearson. Teachers loved it so much that when they were told that they had to switch to something else, they hid them so that they couldn't be picked up. The program was comprehensive- spelling pattern lists, built-in differentiation, writing practice, frequently misspelled words lists, spelling level screening tools.

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