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speeder1 10-01-2005 05:29 AM

I love my job
I had a meeting on Friday regarding a child that has been a behavior problem in my class. On Thursday he spit on me several times , once in class, twice going to the office, and fourth in the office. Then on Friday since he didn't get to talk when he wanted to he hit me. Now this is a 9th grade MH kid that will blow up and 30 minutes after he calms down he knows exactly what to apoligize for. Well in the meeting mom was supportive of doing whatever we felt necessary, except sending him home, but thought that he was spending to mcuh time on one classroom (I have him 6 class periods) and wanted him at the high school more time, which I am all for.

Now the problem with this situation, my para has to leave and go with him while he is at the high school. I get no planning period since I have a para in the room and I manage to get 30 for a lunch (away from kids) but with this new set up I will get no lunch, no planning period still, and no para. By the time my para gets back it will be time for their lunch (which is an hour). This means I will not have one moment in my day where I can get away from the kids for even 10 minutes. Don't get me wrong I love my students and for the most part they are good, but everyone needs a few minutes of peace to regroup. The other spec. ed teachers still have their paras all day, get a lunch with no kids, and a planning period.

It is sad how one child can disrupt a whole routine.

ro 10-03-2005 12:48 PM

You have been assaulted! You have rights too! I would seek law enforcement. This student needs a one on one. OR a change to a theraputic type setting. Your para should be back for the needs of the other students. Parents of the others may be of assistance if your leadership is not. I have been teaching 9th-12th (14 -21 CA )self-contained EMD, BED, LD, OHI, HI, TMD... mix for 19 years.
NOW.. ask your leaders to check the fair labor laws. You are entitled to a break! We educators would love a lunch HOUR - but, we all know that is a joke.
Best Wishes!

kz 10-06-2005 06:30 PM

do a new IEP and get that kid a one on one. Your para works for the whole class not just him. He needs somebody just to focus on him and his behavior. I'm not clear why does your para have to take him off grounds? Sounds like the para is really doing the job of two. Not being in the classroom during lunch is common in many schools for paras to take lunch away from students. I don't understand how this can be considered in compliance with anything. Do you have a SELPHA that can be useful? Mom thinks getting away from your class will solve the problem??but does that just add the same problems with new teachers? Have you talked with them?

Kelly 10-10-2005 08:29 AM

Last year
Hi, I feel your pain! I have a self contained multi-age classroom K-5. I have two assitants though which really helps. But having multi grades level they all have diferent shedules for Specials like PE etc. I do have about 20 mins for lunch but usually have students in room because of behaviors and loss of recess or unfinished work usually because of behaviors. Anyway my reason for reponding is that I too had a student with behaviors that your student has, We had an IEP for student and I was able to have an assitant hired to directly work with that one student. That EA went everywhere with that student it was a big help. Maybe you can get that kind of help. Talk to your SPED lead let them know what you are dealing with. You will need a lot of support with that child. But you also need to have an EA in the room with you it seems. Do you feel comfortable talking with your principal? It always helps to have that kind of support too. good luck Kelly

speeder1 10-11-2005 05:17 PM

Things are looking up
My principal is wonderful, she is behind me 100 %. I do know they are trying to hire 2 new para's, one for this kid and one for the middle school. I did finally get a lunch away from my room. Today was the best day of the year.....I was out attending an alternative assessment meeting, NO CHILDREN!

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