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Scituate 08-02-2016 04:58 AM

Looking for resource room advice
It looks as though I will not have a spec ed assistant this year (K-2 resource setting). I believe I can handle the teaching on my own with some really good organization and planning, but also could use some ideas. My concern is that I will have to have 1st and 2nd graders at the same time for both ELA and math. The numbers are manageable but for those of you who have multi-levels at once, how do you make sure everyone gets what they need? The 1st/2nd graders are worlds apart in skills so I can't really combine anything. I will also need to pull other kiddos for blocks of reading. I'm thinking centers may be part of the answer (I work w/a group while the others do independent work); but I'm not sure.

Freaking out a little b/c I am spoiled and have either had someone (a wonderful someone) to help in the room or have had enough time to work w/small groups at the same level.

I already have a designated time slot for the kinders so they are all set.

Any advice is appreciated.

sha-nay-nay 08-02-2016 10:40 AM

I think your idea of stations/centers is a good one. I just had the opportunity to attend a Debbie Diller workshop. I'm like you and have two to three grade levels at one time and will be trying stations this year. The key is to make sure it is practice for them and not something new. Also putting them in groups of 2. Debbie said stations can be duplicated. I'm still lucky enough to have a para, but she is pulled out of my room for part of the day. I know your struggle!!

Haley23 08-02-2016 04:00 PM

How long do you have your kids for each day? I also teach resource and often run into an issue with students being at wildly different skill levels. I've considered doing stations before, but by the time we factor in travel time to/from my room I only get my kids for about 25 minutes for reading every day. I've considered whether it's better for them to really get about 12 minutes of really specific, targeted instruction at their level or the whole 25 minute group just differentiating the best I can. I've always gone with the whole group for 25 minutes before. If I had a longer reading block I'd definitely consider doing the stations.

If you have any control over your own schedule and can move things around, I have personally found it easier to teach bigger/ more varied skill level groups in math since there is more independent work involved. I can give them something to practice and just constantly go around checking in/conferencing with each child. Last year I chose to see 2nd and 3rd grade together every day for math so that it freed up time to make smaller and more skill-based literacy groups.

Scituate 08-03-2016 04:22 AM

Oh my - 25 mins is not long at all if there is a lot of travel time. My school sprawls, so I lose a good 5 mins both ways.

I will have some of the 1st/2nd graders for their 90 min blocks of ELA/math. Others will come b/w 30 and 45 mins.

I'm thinking the -only- way it will work is if I do some type of centers. I have -never- done centers (10 years in), b/c I have a thing about knowing how the kids are doing all the time. I guess with modeling/training we can make it work!

Scituate 08-03-2016 04:24 AM

Thanks, I quick found the D Diller site and will be checking that out. I have a couple of her books (somewhere) and will pull them before school starts (next week!)

Tounces 08-07-2016 02:16 AM

How many kids would be in your group if they were in one big group? Do you have computers in your room where they would spend some time and then switch? I've been able to handle up to 9 in a group. Then I differentiated on the content but they all followed the same subject.

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