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readandweep 09-01-2018 05:03 AM

Classroom coffee cart?
I have been basically been told that grant money is there for the taking for my middle school Life Skills class.

This is a really sweet group of kids and I think they can handle running something like a weekly coffee cart. We also need to fundraise for things like community trips or classroom cooking.

Pinterest and TpT have some great resources, but does anyone have personal experience with this?


Alice_XI 09-02-2018 07:09 AM

I have seen three different approaches for the coffee cart situation.

1. Self-serve Station. This is the one that I started off doing. You would need to purchase a Keurig and set up as you would a self-serve break room coffee station, with a place for people to insert a dollar bill or a cash box. I chose the teachers lounge, to minimize temptation for students to steal, and so we could leave it set up all day. Each morning, a student would go to restock the coffee station, fill the water tank, restock k-cups, napkins, creamer, coffee stirs, etc., retrieve the money from the cash box, and clean up the station for tidiness. You can even have mugs or thermoses for students to collect, wash, and return to minimize cost and practice fish-washing. Once the student returned back to the classroom, you could have one or multiple students keep track of money earned, inventory, and assemble a “need to buy” list for a community trip. I even have the students use an iPad with the directions programmed on an app, so they are self-paced and with minimal to no staff cues.

2. Connections Cafe. This is a once-a-month coffee shop that is set up near the student cafeteria. Several students and their peers have different jobs each lunch period. One student is a greeter and takes orders (read off of a dry erase menu card), three students can create the orders, and 1 to 2 students can converse with customers as they are waiting for their orders to be finished.

3. Online cafe. This one requires the use of a Google form. The teacher sets up a menu/Google form in advance. Teachers and/or students are invited to order the day before using the form. Once they receive the orders the morning of, the students use coffee machines, hot chocolate mixes, or tea packets to fill these orders. Then the students follow the Google form item on “class period/location” to locate the recipient and deliver the order. The recipient pays for the coffee and the student trades the money for the coffee.

I have seen success with all three formats, it just depends on what your students can do. Good luck!

readandweep 09-03-2018 06:47 AM

Coffee Cart
I really like the idea of number one. Had not heard of that.

That seems like an easy way to start as we have two-story building, but no elevator. So a traditional cart would be out of the question for delivery.

Fingers crossed the start-up funding comes through.

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