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TeacherBB 08-26-2010 07:24 PM

What do you call your Time Out spot?
Last year my students named it the Concentration Station. One mom cracked a joke and said it sounded like Concentration Camp. I told her "Hey the kids named it, not me!" lol I never thought it sounded bad until she told me that. <!--eyebrow-->

Well, I would like to hear other names for it out there. I have heard the following:
Chill Out Station
Quiet Corner
Regain Self Control (The RSC spot)
Reflection Center

Please help me by telling me some more names for TO.:)

Gabby 08-26-2010 07:52 PM

Take a Break

queenmom09 08-26-2010 08:22 PM

thinking spot
Quiet Corner

WriteTeach 08-27-2010 08:32 AM

Quiet Chair
Peace Place
Calm Chair
The Nook

pimleym 08-27-2010 09:10 AM

Time out place
In my classroom I have a designated corner:
We call it the Friendship Corner.
I have a large poster where 2 people are conversing.
I have used this for years...I let the kids work out their problem.
But a child can go alone too.

DrivingPigeon 08-27-2010 10:14 AM

I call it the STAR Chair. I use a director's chair, and I decorated the legs with star die-cuts. I have a star bag hanging off of it that contains stress balls. Next to the chair is a sign that says:

Take a deep breath

TeacherBB 08-27-2010 01:50 PM

Some of these are great! Do you have the kids name the spot or is it already named by you?

Lizzy2111 08-28-2010 01:31 PM

I've always called it...
Rest Stop is what I call mine.

whiteswan 08-29-2010 07:16 AM

Take a reset.

Griffin3108 08-29-2010 07:45 AM

Great ideas!

sunfair 08-30-2010 09:21 PM

I call it the Peace Table.

MollyJ. 08-31-2010 03:27 AM

the calm down zone

meetingmac 08-31-2010 06:02 PM

I call mine the Rest Pad- my theme this year is all about frogs, so it's like a "lily pad"- a little cheesy

pitta 09-05-2010 07:43 AM

We just brainstormed these
Sit Out Chair
Rest Stop
Calming Chair
Idea Chair
Take a Break
Quiet Down Chair
Thinking Chair
Looking/Observation Chair
Feelings Chair
Listening Chair

We will decide next week on which one they want to call it.

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