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wyte 08-14-2010 11:21 AM

Creating Calendars
I am going to have a sports theme in my classroom this year and I would like to make monthly calendar headings and calendar numbers to match. Does anyone have any suggestions on computer programs I could use to make my own? I have microsoft word, publisher, and powerpoint.



ccsteacher001 08-14-2010 08:47 PM

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I posted a reply to your other post about the program I use. It is called Inkscape and here is a quick sample of what you can do with it. I found some royalty free scalable vector graphics and made a few changes to create this date card for a sports themed calendar. If you like it, I can direct you to my full calendar set, including days of week/months/dates and 3 bonus PDFs with class sign, AR folder label, and Homework folder label. Just PM me.

wyte 08-15-2010 04:32 PM

I would love the materials but I can't PM you because I'm a new member and am not sure how to do that.



ccsteacher001 08-15-2010 07:56 PM

I sent you a message on your chit-chat wall.

Love4PreK 03-21-2011 07:30 PM

ccsteacher001 - Can you send me a msg regarding details about the program you use? I've seen you mention it on other post and I am very curious about it.

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