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3rdgradequeen 11-09-2011 04:30 PM

kid story
I think it's ok to post this here...

So today one of my 3rd graders was chewing gum during book buddies (which she wasn't supposed to be doing). After a while we noticed that her book buddy was chewing gum, but the 3rd grader wasn't. We found out that the 3rd grader gave her buddy HER chewed gum. YUCK! At first I started talking to her in a stern, "teacher" voice, but I quickly realized that she had no idea that what she did was wrong. I believe she was trying to be nice and share. In the end I told her she couldn't share anything that was already in her mouth. This was another first for me.

blueberrysun 02-02-2012 01:54 PM

oh my.
confession: That brings back memories! We did that in early grade school even tho we knew our moms and teachers would not approve. It was a way to show friendship!!! Ugh!
The other thing to show that you were brilliant was to slowly add blade of grass after blade of grass to our gum until it was a wad of bright green. We worked it and took it out and twirled it around our finger and popped it back in our mouths. This helped us feel more like the horses we pretended to be on the playground.
What carefree days!

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