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kindergirl88 12-11-2017 01:52 PM

How many kinders in your class?
I am up to 26 kids when in the past I've had 18-20. I don't feel like I'm really able to help my kids one on one because there's so many!

IA11 12-11-2017 02:38 PM

We’ve got 3 classes of 24 each. Too many, IMHO. 26 would be nuts — but I can see that happening after winter break when people move around. We are out of table space with 24. I ‘think’ our cap is 25.

Zia 12-11-2017 04:59 PM

Our cap is 22...if we go over that, we get another FT aide. I've only known of that happening once. If all four classes were at 26, we'd open a 5th class and hire a new teacher. 26 is ridiculous!

I started the year with 21 and now have 18.

anna 12-11-2017 06:14 PM

21 students and we are capped.

VivianCP 12-11-2017 06:36 PM

We have 3 classes of 20 each this year, but our cap is 30. Each class has a FT aide but when we had 2 classes with bigger numbers, we had 2 FT aides each. My highest class was 29, but I cannot imagine doing that alone. Yikes!

suzyteach 12-11-2017 08:27 PM

For the first time ever I have 20!! I love it. Typically I've had 25 or 26 (once 27). No aides, just me.

20 is a beautiful thing, and I am enjoying it. I don't expect it to ever happen again.

I'm sorry you are struggling, I truly understand.

sevenplus 12-12-2017 03:49 AM

29. Sigh.

It's awful. The room is crowded and there are so many activities I don't do anymore because it's too hard to manage that many students.

My guided reading groups have 6 students each and I only meet with them 2 or 3 days a week.

I have an instructional assistant in the mornings only.

iteachk2010 12-17-2017 06:26 AM

We have 6 kindergarten classes this year with 21-22 students in each class. We don't have aides; however, I have five resource center students who get pulled for small group instruction for reading and math. There is an aide for those students. One of those students has a one-on-one aide for medical reasons. Another K teacher has 6 special education students from the self-contained classroom who join her class for specials, recess, lunch and special events so she has 27 students sometimes. There is an aide who comes with those students. Another classroom has three inclusion students. The special education teacher provides support in that classroom. 4 out of the 6 K classrooms are small rooms. Our building was originally designed to be a K-6 building when it was built over 50 years ago so it only had two large classrooms for K, but now that we are a Preschool-Grade 1 school four of us have to squeeze into smaller rooms.

Sbkangas5 12-18-2017 06:58 PM

I have 21 and can go over but must okay it and get paid a (very small) stipend. I will never say ok to more! ;)

Lillybabe 12-18-2017 07:26 PM

Don't kill me... I have 7 students. I started the year with 8, had 6 for 2 weeks when my twins moved, and then had a move in. It is a very small district with only one strand of each grade. I currently have the smallest group but 2nd only has 9. They are forecasting 14 or 15 for next year and some grade levels have as many as 19 students. This is my first year with kindergarten so it's nice to get to know the curriculum with such a small group especially since I got hired about two days before school started. I would argue there are negatives to having such a small class as well as positives. I love my group of kids though and am doubly blessed because we have a great prek program that most kids attend. Such a small group is making it hard for me to gauge what they should be able to do though and what are normal kindergarten behaviors.

Zia 12-21-2017 06:17 AM

Lillybabe, dang! That is small! Is it a private school?

Sbkangas5 12-21-2017 05:40 PM

Don't worry, Lillybabe - I've had a small class like that and I actually prefer to have more! :o My ideal number is 16. Enough to where I can mix it up, but not so many that I can't give them individual attention.

Zia 12-22-2017 05:15 AM

I agree with Sbkangas--15-18 is my best size.

Lillybabe 12-29-2017 12:09 PM

Public school and no team
The school I teach at is a public school with one strand of each grade. It's a K-12 district all on one site in the middle of a cornfield. I think I would actually prefer a few more. Though I had a nightmare the other night about getting a bunch of new kids after the break and having to basically start from square one due to crazy behaviors. Next year will be interesting as I know I'm getting 3-4 with behaviors and my principal seems bent on retaining the one I currently have with behaviors. With only 7 it's hard to set up guided reading groups and such. Due to the fact I have a small class I feel like I should be able to work with everyone every day. However, they are at different levels with different needs so it's almost like everyone needs one-on-one. I only have two who are at the same level and they are both high.

ThankaTchr 12-30-2017 07:34 AM

Whoa...7 in Kinder....
Our credential says we can have 31 after 10 days (no matter what grade), but we WOULD run out of tables. We try to keep it at 24, which is still a lot of students. My first year was with 2nd grade and I only had 13, BUT only one stayed with me the whole year. Each quarter I had a new roster with only one student that I knew. I didn't know who to teach to or who knew the standards. The joke became my room had a revolving door. And after that year our principal spread out the "newbies" so no teacher would have that problem again. I agree that a few more students is a nice size, but at least this year you can get your head around the curriculum. It's also nice to have a 'team' to bounce ideas off of or lead the way if they are veteran teachers.

Flaggerdoot 01-02-2018 09:44 PM

All grades for us
This year in our school district we have an excessive amount of students in each of our classrooms. We currently have a need to help in each grade but they are actually thinking of putting in a modular to extend another classroom for another teacher to join the school in order to give the rest of the teachers less students per classroom which would help their teaching abilities for one-on-one accessibility and so forth.

Shell 01-07-2018 07:49 AM

Started with 30 this year. They hired a new teacher so now I have 24. Last year 28. Year before that I had 20. District said it was too low so they pulled a teacher and I had 28. No aides. High needs Title 1 school.

ElizabethJoy 01-19-2018 04:53 PM

I'm about to start the new school year (I'm in Australia) with my first ever Kinder class and am SO excited. Both kindergarten classes at my school this year will have 12, and we'll share an aide between us.

After 30 kids last year, I'm really looking forward to this small group :D

I'm sorry to those of you who have more than 25. That's tough with little ones:(

alikins76 01-22-2018 06:53 AM

Our limit is 20. I have 14 this year which is the least I have ever had. Usually it is 18-20 but my district is growing and they wanted to leave room for new students. There are 3 K classes at my school.

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