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PollyCarp 12-13-2017 08:59 AM

Classroom Library Procedures
Question: I have a classroom rule that only two students may be in my classroom library at a time. However, many students finish books at the same time and I end up with quite a line-up. I want students to be productive while waiting, so I don't allow a physical line for the library. Do any of you have a similar rule, and if so, how do you handle the line up so even the shy students have a chance to get books?
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MissESL 12-13-2017 09:40 AM

You could let kids each get two books at a time.

I personally use the rule: the book you pick is the book you get. I didn’t have this problem with the upper levels, but as second graders, they look at the pictures quickly then race to put it back and say they read more books...or they don’t persevere and try to read books that might never harder than they’ve thought. We only read independently in about 15-20 minute stretches or as an early finisher activity. So I have them keep one book for the time we are reading.

PollyCarp 12-13-2017 05:51 PM

I appreciate your response.

I do let the children get two books at a time, and they actually aren't allowed to trade in unless they pass an AR test on the book.

I think I might have a few kids who spend a lot of time "shopping", so I will try adding that expectation that you go and quickly grab a book in under 30 seconds. Thanks for that!

apple annie 12-14-2017 05:25 PM

This may be a sacred cow kind of issue, but...

I quit providing a classroom library. For just the problem you are having. Our school library is full of books, and the librarian lets students choose five books each week at their class library time. Plus students are allowed to visit the school library to exchange books in the mornings before the bell rings and three afternoons a week. So I figure they have no real excuse to not have a book in their desks at any given moment.

That's one headache cured.

Gromit 12-14-2017 05:43 PM

I have students visit the library as one of their daily five rotations or before school or during dismissal. They should have at least 2 books available to read so that if they finish one, they can start reading the other until it's their turn to check out other ones.

Or, this is my procedure on paper. I dropped D5 rotations a month or so ago because I couldn't get it to work with our schedule/curriculum, but when I did do them, the library visiting element worked great.

PollyCarp 12-14-2017 05:56 PM

Your kids are reading and learning to read, right? It's not my business to criticize how that's happening! :)

Sadly, our school library is not nearly as flexible with scheduling and picking out new books.

Flaggerdoot 01-02-2018 09:40 PM

Set a time limit
I think the classroom Library is a great tool for reading. I think in order to solve the problem you're having you might want to consider putting a timer on each time a child has to pick a book maybe have a timer that dings. As soon as I can to the library to return a book they must turn the timer on and then when the timer Rings they know that their time is up.

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