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Hpylife 03-03-2018 06:52 PM

Pre "school" ?
Hi All,
I'm a teacher in the local public schools, this is my 20th year teaching. I have taught public school for 4yrs, and the other years were spent teaching preschool. I have a passion for preschoolers and specifically "nature" preschool. I just love being outdoors and sharing that with students.

When i taught preschool I loved it, however i stopped because of low pay and no benefits. i had to take a job with the county to get the medical benefits and higher pay.

I really am not liking teaching in the public school and my heart yearns to be back with preschool.

Anyone here decide to do their own "preschool" and find it successful? I have been thinking about doing this for over 10yrs , just never followed through. There are several successful locally owned (non franchised) preschools near me and they have waitlists over 50+ students long to get in. Preschool is a demand in my area. I really do not want to work for someone , I'd like to do my own program.

I thought about working for one, but the pay isn't very high. I'd like to do my own and keep the enrollment small (around 15 students students) Having myself and one assistant running the program. I guess I'm looking for any tips /or info from someone who's been there/done that.
Thanks for letting me ramble...

dee 03-04-2018 06:35 AM

See what it takes to be a licensed preschool
It is a business with startup costs and expenses.

Figure it all out and go for it!

Lottalove 03-04-2018 08:47 AM

Wow. Yep, you need to figure out
cost, licensure, etc. before you jump in.

Here, teachers at the Preschool connected to our school district are licensed teachers on the same pay schedule as any other teacher. They get the same pay scale, benefits, retirement, etc.

Hpylife 03-04-2018 06:06 PM

wow! That must be nice to have that same pay/bene's!!!

Hpylife 03-04-2018 06:07 PM

Hi Dee,,,
Yep, I have the start up numbers/ costs ironed out. Just on the fence due to medical bene's mostly. That's a HUGE cost that is currently covered under my public school contract.

luvtulearn 03-17-2018 05:09 PM

Montessori ???
Have you thought about going into Montessori? I know of two teachers that have started a Montessori preschool. Would you do this out of your own home or property that you own? Could you start it with a family member? I guess it would depend on the state where you live also.

pausebutton 03-20-2018 12:23 PM

Are there any districts close by with public preschool? We have that and It's the same pay as K-12.

Hpylife 03-20-2018 04:05 PM

HI Luvtolearn--I LOVE Montessori!! I"m not trained in it,but love it very much. That is exactly the type of preschool I'd like to do, also using Reggio/Emilla style of learning/teaching.

I do not have the availability to use my home for a 'school" ...HOA won't allow it. So I would need to rent or lease a space. No one else in my family is interested in teaching/assisting, and everyone else has full time jobs with benefits. I would also never go into business w/family. Been there done that. Family and business for me just don't mix.

Hpylife 03-20-2018 04:08 PM

Hi pausebuton,
Yes, we do have a few schools in my area with public preschool. It is not the type of school I'd want to be a part of --very heavy on testing as well as a rigid curriculum. I also prefer to use being out in nature as much as possible, and the public school setting doesn't allow for that. In addition, I am not certified to teach early childhood so would not be able to teach for my county.

Thank you for the tip though, I did look into it.

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