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Before you sign up, please be aware of the following policies, including who can participate at ProTeacher, and our strict ban on posting advertisements - including all commercial, public service, blog and website announcements:

Who Can Participate

All of our boards are intended exclusively for professional school teachers and staff (including classroom teachers, specialists, substitute teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals, and student teachers) working in early childhood, elementary, middle and high school. New teachers are especially welcome! We also welcome future teachers, 18 years of age or older, preparing for careers in the field of education; and retired and former school teachers with a continuing professional interest in teaching. We are NOT a parenting or homeschooling site.

Reporters, authors, parents, and all others seeking teacher opinions should contact ProTeacher for permission prior to posting.

Posting Advertisements is NOT permitted. Period.

Participate, but do not promote. If you are a teacher, you may share ideas with us, but you must NOT promote your own service, product, book, blog or website. Treat us as friends and colleagues, not as an opportunity!

Please - do not post announcements about your blog, website or 'store' on ProTeacher regardless of whether or not your intent is commercial. To preserve the friendly community atmosphere, ALL such announcements are strictly not allowed.

Similarly, avatars and any other images or attachments you post may not be used as vehicles for advertising or promoting yourself.

Advertisements Board

Advertisers, individuals, and organizations with news relevant to elementary school teaching are invited to post an announcement on our Advertisements board, a link to which can be found on our Home page. Advertisers are further invited to contact us to discuss advertising and promotional opportunities.

All other commercial messages and public service announcements are not allowed and shall be removed promptly. In addition, your web address, company or product name may be blocked permanently from view. Attempting to contact our visitors for commercial purposes except as mentioned in the preceding paragraph is not allowed nor tolerated.

You are considered an advertiser if you are promoting something such as a product, a service, a blog, a website, an organization, an event -even yourself- regardless of whether your intent is commercial or noncommercial. Do the right and proper thing. Post on the Advertisements board instead.

ProTeacher Help & Guidelines

See our ProTeacher Help section for more guidelines for participating at ProTeacher. Visitor understands that our Participation Guidelines may be revised and updated from time to time without notice. Visitor agrees to abide by all ProTeacher Community guidelines and rules.

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