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Posts Made By: WestCoastTch
Board: Teachers' Lounge 04-09-2021, 06:53 PM
Replies: 14
Posted By WestCoastTch

Monday- Turkey quesadillas (leftover from turkey roast for Easter, we donít like ham)

Tuesday- Fish tacos

Wednesday- Loose meat sliders (ground beef for my husband and son, Gardein for my...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 04-03-2021, 07:23 AM
Replies: 34
Posted By WestCoastTch

1. What is your favorite pizza topping?
Fresh mushrooms
2. Do you follow celebrity news and gossip?
When buying People and Hola! magazines was a thing, Iíd read it, but I wasnít invested in it....
Board: Teachers' Lounge 04-02-2021, 05:34 PM
Replies: 27
Posted By WestCoastTch

I'm trying to find a new fantasy book/series to like, but every one I've tried has been a bust. It is one of my reading goals for 2021 to read a fantasy novel, I'll keep looking. The only series I've...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 03-27-2021, 07:13 AM
Replies: 33
Posted By WestCoastTch

1. If you were to pick out a work schedule, would you prefer to have Saturdays/Sundays off or other days?
Since our church is still closed, Friday and Saturday off would be great.

2. Do you have...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 03-22-2021, 08:27 AM
Replies: 9
Posted By WestCoastTch

Iíve tried a lot of brands over the years. My favorite eyeshadows are from Anastasia of Beverly Hills. Highly pigmented and long lasting. I bought a palette, but I really didnít need to. I use two of...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 03-20-2021, 05:58 PM
Replies: 33
Posted By WestCoastTch

1. Yes, but I nitpick everything I said later.

2. I had crappy grades, so I went where I was accepted at first. I cleaned up my grades and transferred after a semester.

3. No, itís different...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 03-19-2021, 07:48 PM
Replies: 38
Posted By WestCoastTch

I like what I refer to as "plastic candy" but I prefer chocolate.

Sour Skittles
Sour Patch Kids (original flavor only)
Hot Tamales
Board: BusyBoard 03-16-2021, 04:21 AM
Replies: 11
Posted By WestCoastTch

You are very kind.

If my child came home with a new jacket and a jacket mended by his teacher, Iíd be so thankful and touched.
Board: Teachers' Lounge 03-10-2021, 06:11 PM
Replies: 13
Posted By WestCoastTch

I love In N Out! I eat there on Motherís Day.

I ask for my fries well done because I prefer crisper fries. I donít drink milkshakes but my kids like them.

I would not wait 40 minutes. The...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 03-06-2021, 04:41 AM
Replies: 27
Posted By WestCoastTch

1. Have you ever ordered something online, but received something totally different in the mail? Yes. Iíve been sent a size XS a few times. <!--eyebrow-->

2. How many jackets/coats do you own? 1...
Board: BusyBoard 03-06-2021, 04:34 AM
Replies: 9
Posted By WestCoastTch

I think it can be both, and I would say in my own experience, if you have a genetic or organic anxiety disorder, it can be exacerbated by the environment.

My mom, her siblings, and her parents...
Board: BusyBoard 03-06-2021, 04:16 AM
Replies: 18
Posted By WestCoastTch

At school, never in the classroom, except when teachers are speaking with parents, if that is the teacherís style. Office staff use sir/maíam often. Some parents and occasionally students address me...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 03-02-2021, 06:03 AM
Replies: 21
Posted By WestCoastTch

Tags occasionally bother me. I hate trying on clothes when the price tags are attached. Of all my current tops, Iíve only had to remove the tags on about 3 of them.

I remember the seam in socks...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 03-01-2021, 10:45 AM
Replies: 30
Posted By WestCoastTch

I am reading Playing Nice by JP Delaney. It is about a family who is informed their child was switched with another child while in NICU. It is going in a very different direction than I expected. I'm...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 02-28-2021, 01:05 PM
Replies: 6
Posted By WestCoastTch

YES to your post!

It is gorgeous weather here and everyone is piled indoors thinking up fresh and fun ways to aggravate me. <!--grumpy--> Including my dog!

I have enormous, noise cancelling...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 02-27-2021, 12:59 PM
Replies: 31
Posted By WestCoastTch

Yes. I haven't had one in over ten years.
Dog person all the way.
Yes. It was something we all looked forward to and enjoyed.
I love dense wheat bread, but I rarely eat it.
"Nessun Dorma."
Board: Teachers' Lounge 02-22-2021, 08:08 AM
Replies: 5
Posted By WestCoastTch

I've watched both, I liked both. I really love the cast. Clarice is one of my favorite fictional characters of all time.
Board: Teachers' Lounge 02-18-2021, 06:26 AM
Replies: 1
Posted By WestCoastTch

I enjoyed it. Iím a fan of the films and am looking forward to seeing how the show unfolds.
Board: Teachers' Lounge 02-16-2021, 06:08 AM
Replies: 17
Posted By WestCoastTch

Iíve had very good luck with Broyhill and LaZBoy. I had a LaZBoy couch before I got married and itís in great condition as a spare bedroom piece, about 15 years and counting.
Board: Teachers' Lounge 02-15-2021, 08:52 PM
Replies: 36
Posted By WestCoastTch


High luxury vehicles
Couture clothes or accessories (Chanel, Gucci, etc.)
Fine wines (my husband buys the odd $50 bottle but I think itís a waste)
Antiques, art...
Board: The VENT 02-13-2021, 08:20 AM
Replies: 7
Posted By WestCoastTch

I certainly do.

Weíre full remote. Once per month I head to the campus with my team and we hand out supplies, school materials and a little treat bag to our students. That is usually the only time...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 02-13-2021, 08:02 AM
Replies: 17
Posted By WestCoastTch

I think the original model looked great in everything. Is she a blogger?

Knit dresses would make me feel too self conscious. I love the pastel blue color, and I have several knitwear tops in that...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 02-07-2021, 02:25 PM
Replies: 16
Posted By WestCoastTch
Food Network

I only watch Diners, Drive-Ins and Drives which I believe is on TFN, and The Best Thing I ever Ate. I watch other shows on different networks. My dad, brother, and husband met Guy Fieri at a football...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 02-03-2021, 10:28 PM
Replies: 15
Posted By WestCoastTch
Check in

My husband has worked from home for several years. When I get home heís almost always on a call or virtual meeting, so I donít disturb him. Heíll come out when heís done for the day. If heís ďlateĒ I...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 02-03-2021, 05:06 PM
Replies: 25
Posted By WestCoastTch

We're having spicy chicken shawarma from Trader Joe's, beans, rice, and salad.

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