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Posts Made By: happygal
Board: Teachers' Lounge 10-24-2020, 08:46 AM
Replies: 29
Posted By happygal

Thank you OP, love your surveys<!--paper_owl-->

Pool, wrought iron chairs that my Dad painted, set from the 60's, 2 loungers, umbrella. Various chairs strewn around on the land. Good boulders we...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 10-21-2020, 04:38 AM
Replies: 14
Posted By happygal

Regular sized raw carrots unpeeled

Apples n peanut butter

Nuts, raw and unsalted.

Snickers bar

Mini marshmallows, dried fruit, chocolate chips, sweetened cereal with marshmallows, nuts
Board: Teachers' Lounge 10-20-2020, 03:23 PM
Replies: 5
Posted By happygal
I like it

I do run around barefoot in the winter in the rain<!--paper_owl-->

Apples, yes, been eating one a day. Raw carrots too
Board: Teachers' Lounge 10-20-2020, 02:05 PM
Replies: 32
Posted By happygal
Oh how wonderful!

Social life is both enriching and healthy. I love to hear positive generous things. Thank you
Board: Teachers' Lounge 10-19-2020, 07:08 PM
Replies: 5
Posted By happygal


Baby yet?
Board: Teachers' Lounge 10-17-2020, 06:48 PM
Replies: 27
Posted By happygal

Saturday again already?

I bought a digital camera, hate it. I use my phone.

I work as a substitute. Love it.

No, love chocolate, but not usually hot liquid milky chocolate. Once on a...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 10-17-2020, 06:41 PM
Replies: 5
Posted By happygal
Thanks guys

I am glad i am not sick<!--paper_owl-->
Board: Teachers' Lounge 10-16-2020, 07:42 PM
Replies: 22
Posted By happygal
I am a foster mother

For cats<!--blackcat-->

These angels keep me company
Board: Teachers' Lounge 10-16-2020, 07:34 PM
Replies: 4
Posted By happygal

I wake, then will myself back to sleep.

Restricting caffeine after 12 noon has helped tremendously
Board: Teachers' Lounge 10-16-2020, 07:32 PM
Replies: 5
Posted By happygal
Covid test

Waited 3 days with my cold.

Results in, Negative

Lost the teaching gig, was to be a long term assignment. :cool:
Board: Teachers' Lounge 10-13-2020, 06:30 PM
Replies: 3
Posted By happygal

The test was very icky, wish there was a better way.
Board: Teachers' Lounge 10-12-2020, 01:45 PM
Replies: 3
Posted By happygal

First sore throat since March. It's a cold but cannot work until tested. Ugh.
Board: Teachers' Lounge 10-10-2020, 07:13 AM
Replies: 34
Posted By happygal
Marigolds Many That would be me. Large...



That would be me. Large home, one cleaner! Nobody cleans like me. I used to clean medical offices.

I don't relax much. My idea of the weekend is to do something exciting. ...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 10-10-2020, 07:05 AM
Replies: 45
Posted By happygal

Let's see my husband always gave me a car to drive there were many.

Dodge Dart Swinger red

Panel van White hit three things in one day, my husband was a body man, painter

Honda Civic 5 speed...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 10-09-2020, 06:14 PM
Replies: 32
Posted By happygal

My chickens. Watching them, developing their trust, feeding, cleaning the coop, letting them run free each morning, collecting eggs.

My many cats. 3 foster kittens of late.

Cocktails with...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 10-03-2020, 05:59 AM
Replies: 30
Posted By happygal
Yes My parents were from England, but adopted...

My parents were from England, but adopted American Holidays readily.

I have coffee with cream for breakfast

Just a few items, and if Felix gets confused and wets on my white bedspread...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 10-02-2020, 06:38 AM
Replies: 21
Posted By happygal
I agree

No, H in ophthalmologist was off my radar.

I spell well, compound words stump me often.

Quesadilla stumps me every time<!--books_stacked-->
Board: Teachers' Lounge 09-30-2020, 07:41 PM
Replies: 20
Posted By happygal

I am sorry you have this in your life. I am sorry for everyone involved. It just sucks.

Depression/mental illness is a subject that is near and dear to me. I have helped people get better. I...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 09-27-2020, 11:06 AM
Replies: 8
Posted By happygal
I worked

With a very organized teacher, who became the Principal.

She kept a big box in the teachers room, packed with dry goods, bread, tortillas, canned soups, beans, peanut butter, crackers, cookies,...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 09-26-2020, 03:00 PM
Replies: 43
Posted By happygal

Cook, i love cleaning. I love cooking but to have staff to do one or the other it's cook. However the cook has to clean up after cooking.

Never have Ubered

No on Candy Apples, maybe a couple...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 09-26-2020, 02:52 PM
Replies: 19
Posted By happygal
I am ok

I waa totally duped n used. He abused the wrong person.

Thank you.

Tried the hotlines. Useless. Sheriff very professional and helpful. I know what to do next.

I prided myself on being...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 09-26-2020, 01:47 PM
Replies: 19
Posted By happygal
Dating Escapades

Cowboy was just a hair this side of the law. I took the encounter with him as a message from God and will never put myself in harms way again. Must file police report.
Board: Teachers' Lounge 09-22-2020, 11:12 PM
Replies: 14
Posted By happygal

Keeping your kids home is Smart! You may want to reexamine that you did want a family. You will become comfortable with the life you have.:D

Sometimes rearranging furniture, restructurings of...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 09-20-2020, 05:24 AM
Replies: 9
Posted By happygal
Since your

Text got no reply, hand the bill to whomever drops off.
Board: Teachers' Lounge 09-19-2020, 04:32 AM
Replies: 27
Posted By happygal

I am right-handed, but almost ambidextrous.

I go good shopping when I am out of cat food, coffee, or creamer. I wait til i have money on the welfare card also. Since i can make bread, have...

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