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Posts Made By: SenseiKen
Board: The VENT 08-24-2014, 04:37 PM
Replies: 35
Posted By SenseiKen
Stupidest inservice EVER!

I've seen people speculate about their stupidest inservice.

I'm not sure this is a contest I would wish to win, but I'm sad to say I could be a contender...
Board: The VENT 07-13-2014, 07:48 AM
Replies: 14
Posted By SenseiKen

Mean teacher?

One of my favorite moments came last year:
I put out the homework assignment to my math class. One student quite - really! - upset: "We only have TWO WEEKS of school left! You...
Board: The VENT 06-25-2014, 01:55 AM
Replies: 24
Posted By SenseiKen
Toxic Environment

"When they don't have your back - you've got to move your back."

Good luck!
Board: The VENT 06-18-2014, 05:22 PM
Replies: 3
Posted By SenseiKen
Changing Grades

So, is it harder to go from teaching High School to Middle School or from Middle School to High School? I'm going MS next year; just curious.
Board: The VENT 06-17-2014, 04:11 PM
Replies: 11
Posted By SenseiKen

I still prefer "Sensei."

None of the kids will call me that. :(
Board: The VENT 06-06-2014, 01:53 AM
Replies: 5
Posted By SenseiKen
Split Personality Parent

Ah, yes! Jekyll and Hyde!

You have the face-to-face and go home, "That went well! I'm glad we worked out the issue!"

But the next morning the P calls you in because a "furious" parent...
Board: The VENT 06-05-2014, 05:10 PM
Replies: 22
Posted By SenseiKen

Well, obviously Noah DIDN'T have the dinosaurs on the Ark. Or the unicorns. That's why they're not here any more.

This was explained to me in elementary school. Really.

The principal would...
Board: The VENT 05-31-2014, 05:14 AM
Replies: 40
Posted By SenseiKen
Would this bother you

I am a "Teacher", thank you.

Although, I prefer the term, "Sensei."
Board: The VENT 05-16-2014, 02:31 AM
Replies: 3
Posted By SenseiKen
Probably Not Nuts

You are probably not nuts.

We often don't get feedback when things are going all right. Sometimes our imagination fills silence with scary sounds and over interprets unhappy looks (maybe P had...
Board: The VENT 05-11-2014, 03:07 PM
Replies: 7
Posted By SenseiKen
Does it ever get better?

Yes. Really.

Now, God knows that after 20 odd years (Really? I hate doing that math.) there are still days - and kids - that make you feel as if you are back at square one; but it does get...
Board: The VENT 05-10-2014, 02:38 AM
Replies: 18
Posted By SenseiKen

"I'm sorry, but..." is never an apology.
Board: The VENT 05-02-2014, 01:33 PM
Replies: 12
Posted By SenseiKen
Late Meetings

One of the things I do not love about teaching: Late Meetings. "The ---'s will be here at 4:30 to discuss their son's math class."

Nobody bats an eye at this. Perhaps they think teachers live...
Board: The VENT 04-27-2014, 04:01 PM
Replies: 7
Posted By SenseiKen
Just wait...

Yeah, yeah, laugh.

Inside of a week I'm going to have parents demand I use this in my classroom...
Board: The VENT 03-30-2014, 12:57 PM
Replies: 11
Posted By SenseiKen

Hee Hee! It's snowing again! I believe I am going mad, quite mad!
Board: The VENT 03-18-2014, 05:12 PM
Replies: 17
Posted By SenseiKen
Boogiemen...make believe

Now the Boogieman IS real - he lived in my closet when I was little. You will simply never convince me he wasn't there.
Board: The VENT 03-18-2014, 04:55 PM
Replies: 17
Posted By SenseiKen
"Of course not...

You mean...they're NOT real?
Board: The VENT 03-05-2014, 03:55 PM
Replies: 13
Posted By SenseiKen
I know I am reapeating

The second year at a school is (almost) always far better; and the third better than the second.

It is also a good idea to put off a major decision until you have had a good meal and a good night...
Board: The VENT 03-04-2014, 10:15 AM
Replies: 10
Posted By SenseiKen
Call the Nurse

DO call the nurse.

Two outcomes:

1) It turns out kid has been trained to "go into a trance" when this happens. This is good to document and perhaps get this kid better strategies (or...
Board: The VENT 03-04-2014, 03:44 AM
Replies: 5
Posted By SenseiKen
Good Luck!

"The students have to type in a 10 digit id number..."

Ha! I STILL have to help the kids spell their NAMES (LastName+FirstInit is school log-on) when they log-on in class!

Board: The VENT 03-04-2014, 03:38 AM
Replies: 11
Posted By SenseiKen
Common Sense

"Common Sense" is an oxymoron.
Board: The VENT 03-02-2014, 11:41 AM
Replies: 9
Posted By SenseiKen
Bananas Parents

"That whole story screams medication adjustment needed."

Board: The VENT 03-01-2014, 03:21 AM
Replies: 3
Posted By SenseiKen

Amazing when they do that.
Board: The VENT 02-20-2014, 05:12 PM
Replies: 2
Posted By SenseiKen
Life Lessons

And what do we learn from this story?

Always, always document communications home!

It may not be enough to calm down irate parent, but it MIGHT get you some support from the principal. (But...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 02-19-2014, 05:40 PM
Replies: 9
Posted By SenseiKen
hard time following this post

I thought it was just me.
Board: The VENT 02-17-2014, 02:12 PM
Replies: 10
Posted By SenseiKen

Enjoy the movie!

Unfortunately, it's like a fun thing purchased with a credit card: The bill will come due.

But still, enjoy the movie. If we're going to be stuck teaching in July, we might...

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