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Posts Made By: h0kie
Board: Teachers' Lounge 11-21-2021, 07:13 PM
Replies: 6
Posted By h0kie

Fun and Function has a ton of really neat sensory stuff. I usually get at least one thing a year for DS.

My in-laws got DS a new swingset for Christmas. Swinging is...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 11-12-2021, 06:29 PM
Replies: 20
Posted By h0kie

DS (8) got both on Tuesday (we weighed the options and felt this was the best choice for him). He hasnít spiked a fever but he canít tell us if heís experiencing any other symptoms. He went to bed 45...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 11-10-2021, 10:56 AM
Replies: 11
Posted By h0kie
Evidently, Iím snarky. :rolleyes: I hope you...

Evidently, Iím snarky. :rolleyes:

I hope you get some great, helpful advice. Good luck!
Board: Teachers' Lounge 10-22-2021, 05:08 PM
Replies: 5
Posted By h0kie

Have you tried contacting a farmer? We always had straw bales to sell and they were waaaay cheaper than at a store.
Board: Teachers' Lounge 10-10-2021, 04:31 PM
Replies: 13
Posted By h0kie
Gotta laugh

My mom is gone but I bought this the other day and I know sheíd love it.

DSÖwell, the best I get is a Pat on the shoulder and ďthatís a good tryĒ before he takes over when I do something ďwrong.Ē...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 10-08-2021, 11:51 AM
Replies: 13
Posted By h0kie
A look into my future

LOL This will be me and Swift. Mark my words.

Iím so glad sheís ok!
Board: Teachers' Lounge 10-07-2021, 05:49 PM
Replies: 9
Posted By h0kie

Sigh. He has progressed to eating the toads. <!--yuck--> I have to check his person every time he comes inside because he tries to smuggle them inÖ.in his mouth! <!--grumpy-->

Thatís when heís not...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 10-07-2021, 01:44 PM
Replies: 9
Posted By h0kie
DS and Swift Funny

It just started raining here.

Obviously, DS must go outside. He loves to play in the rain, always has. :rolleyes: If DS goes outside, Swift barks until I let him out, too. (Hello!? Itís perfect...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 10-07-2021, 09:56 AM
Replies: 27
Posted By h0kie
Hometown teams

Cleveland girl here and weíve been awful for so long itís just our thing. How can you not root for the factory of sadness? LOL I grew up attending games and rooting for the teams. My great uncle was...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 10-06-2021, 04:54 PM
Replies: 6
Posted By h0kie
What is the difference?

Is it any different than the teenage girls (and adult women) that go to football games to oogle boys/men in football pants? Or baseball pants?

I see what youíre saying but if that is the...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 10-02-2021, 06:02 AM
Replies: 15
Posted By h0kie

I like DarkSky but itís only available for iPhone now. I like that it alerts me when itís going to start/stop raining or snowing.
My brother got me hooked on it and heís not an iPhone user and is...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 09-23-2021, 04:32 PM
Replies: 11
Posted By h0kie

I saw an endocrinologist at the Cleveland Clinic a few years back for a thyroid issue. Iím always amazed that they generally get people in within a week or so. Fingers crossed for you!
Board: The VENT 09-23-2021, 04:47 AM
Replies: 6
Posted By h0kie
Not a big deal

I’ve had it done several times. They said it could take up to two weeks to feel any improvement, I felt better in a few days. The infusion itself took about 15 minutes and was relatively painless.
Board: Teachers' Lounge 09-22-2021, 09:35 AM
Replies: 32
Posted By h0kie

Iíd tip extra to pet Aikman!
Board: Teachers' Lounge 09-22-2021, 07:54 AM
Replies: 32
Posted By h0kie
Job idea

I have friends that do DoorDash and love the extra money.
Board: Teachers' Lounge 09-21-2021, 09:27 AM
Replies: 17
Posted By h0kie

- Swiftís trainer passed away unexpectedly last week. Iím so sad for his family. He was a neat guy, Iím so glad I got to work with him this summer.
- Iím not hungry yet I always seem to...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 09-20-2021, 08:32 AM
Replies: 17
Posted By h0kie

I grew up on an apple orchard and it still bugs me to pay for apples. LOL But I do because I love them.

I hate grocery store apples because they taste like the grocery store. Luckily, we have a...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 09-17-2021, 04:47 PM
Replies: 7
Posted By h0kie
I get it

My MIL has cleaned half my house since she arrived on Wednesday. She sounds a lot like your mom. It used to bother me. Now, I focus on things that I want to get done and donít worry about it.

Board: Teachers' Lounge 09-17-2021, 03:27 AM
Replies: 18
Posted By h0kie
Nothing to see, just your typical dog enjoying...

Nothing to see, just your typical dog enjoying the giant zucchini he stole out of the garden while keeping watch over his boy swinging on his swingset.
Board: Teachers' Lounge 09-16-2021, 05:56 AM
Replies: 19
Posted By h0kie

In-laws are here
Chores before 9am!?
Thatís coffee time
Until noon, minimum

Decision fatigue is
Setting in quickly
Send more coffee

Board: The VENT 09-15-2021, 01:17 PM
Replies: 20
Posted By h0kie
Oh dear

ÖÖÖ..apparently I am on the wrong side of TikTok because I had not heard of this. :confused:
Board: Teachers' Lounge 09-15-2021, 11:03 AM
Replies: 31
Posted By h0kie

Iím a sorter. But itís purely for logistical reasonsÖ.mostly. :D

I have separate baskets for whites, colors, work clothes/clothes that are not to be dried, jeans, reds, towels, and DSís clothes.
Board: Teachers' Lounge 09-14-2021, 02:17 PM
Replies: 32
Posted By h0kie
Not a fan

I have exactly two pieces of MooMooRoe (as my DH calls it). Both are Donald Duck prints. I purchased them when my DS had very little language. So if a pair of leggings with Donald Duck on them could...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 09-13-2021, 04:58 PM
Replies: 8
Posted By h0kie
Hello Fresh

They break it down into a certain number of ďfreeĒ meals per cycle/week.

I tried it again after cancelling it before and wonít be going back after seeing theyíve added different types of meals...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 09-13-2021, 12:55 PM
Replies: 11
Posted By h0kie
Sounds about right

Thatís basically what happened when my husband switched jobs mid-year. Our new insurance started denying claims for my DS and me until my husband called and confirmed with them that we didnít have a...

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