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Posts Made By: Tulips
Board: BusyBoard 05-24-2020, 11:51 AM
Replies: 12
Posted By Tulips
Grading during c-virus

For us, it is definitely C
For the inequities of many things...
Board: BusyBoard 05-22-2020, 05:14 PM
Replies: 0
Posted By Tulips
Google Classroom Grades

Google help needed there away to print just the math grades? Or to sort the grades page by category, so I can see all of the math at one time? Thanks!
Board: Teachers' Lounge 05-17-2020, 06:06 PM
Replies: 15
Posted By Tulips
Home grown salad

Your salad looks DELICIOUS! I am jealous! I also learned something new, I'd never heard of a garlic scape.

Luvmycat: I just bought some sunflower sprouts from the farmer's market. I like them...
Board: BusyBoard 05-17-2020, 06:02 PM
Replies: 15
Posted By Tulips

I hadn't thought about my books...I'll need to figure out a system before the next student can use them, we can wipe them down if we ever have wipes again, or else I'll have to let them sit in a bin...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 05-17-2020, 05:55 PM
Replies: 9
Posted By Tulips

MSD2, you raise some interesting points.
If you look at the total population of a state or county, then look at how many people have contracted the c-virus, you'll see that it's a very, very small...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 05-17-2020, 05:40 PM
Replies: 25
Posted By Tulips
Dishwashing liquid

Yep. Same here. The only thing left were small bottles of the Dawn. There wasn't anything else, the shelves were bare. Really annoying.
Meat is fine, but some stores still don't have toilet...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 05-16-2020, 06:06 PM
Replies: 28
Posted By Tulips
Reading in May

I too, am reading Ellery Adams, The Secret, Book & Scone Society. I am on book 3.

And also in the cozy mystery category with a little magic added in, I'm reading the Magical Bakery Mysteries,...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 05-13-2020, 08:51 PM
Replies: 44
Posted By Tulips

I'm so glad she's improving! What good news! I will continue to pray for her healing
Board: Teachers' Lounge 05-13-2020, 08:47 PM
Replies: 15
Posted By Tulips

I hadn't thought about it, but I think you raise a good point.
Board: BusyBoard 05-08-2020, 09:19 PM
Replies: 11
Posted By Tulips
Are you grading?

I am grading assignments every night. Many times I wonder why. Our district says that grades cannot be lowered but will remain the same unless there's been improvement. Well, most kids are doing...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 05-08-2020, 09:11 PM
Replies: 8
Posted By Tulips

I think at this time, it would be best if you went. All of the suggestions are perfect as to what to take with you. I'm not sure if you're nervous about the coronavirus or something else. If you...
Board: BusyBoard 04-13-2020, 09:27 PM
Replies: 1
Posted By Tulips
Audible question

Does anyone know? If I share a book with a student through Audible, do I lose the book? How many students can I share with?
Board: Teachers' Lounge 04-05-2020, 01:01 AM
Replies: 29
Posted By Tulips
Ugh to In n Out

Personally, I love a Habit cheeseburger! Full of mayo and lettuce and the grilled onions, YUM!!! I too, am a California native, and I don't care for In N Out at all. Although the fries are okay.
Board: BusyBoard 03-28-2020, 10:10 PM
Replies: 4
Posted By Tulips
No worksheets

Worksheets for a two year old are not appropriate. Maybe around 4 years old, right now like the pp said, they should be exploring their world. Blank paper is appropriate with crayons or markers or...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 03-28-2020, 10:02 PM
Replies: 20
Posted By Tulips
Yep, collateral damage

Not everyone handles stress well. There have been minor incidents in stores and such, with people becoming irate for little things. My DH was in the drive thru line for a chicken place, and could...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 03-28-2020, 09:49 PM
Replies: 19
Posted By Tulips
Go for a drive

I went out for a drive today. It was good to get out of the house. Here in my neck of the woods, the hills/mountains/fields only stay green for a short time, then they turn brown. It was good to...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 03-28-2020, 09:42 PM
Replies: 11
Posted By Tulips

I agree. There are TWO Hallmark channels. Put the Christmas movies on one channel and leave the mysteries on the other channel. At least it's only until Monday. I can catch up on some of DVR...
Board: BusyBoard 03-22-2020, 06:22 PM
Replies: 2
Posted By Tulips
Sub pay

That's amazing! I haven't heard anything about that here, hoping our subs are doing okay
Board: BusyBoard 02-03-2020, 08:24 AM
Replies: 1
Posted By Tulips
TPT sale

There's a Teacher's Pay Teachers sale tomorrow and Wednesday.
Code is FEBSALE.

Board: Teachers' Lounge 12-24-2019, 07:52 AM
Replies: 6
Posted By Tulips
Knee pain

I've had lots of knee pain as of late. The urgent care doctor gave me a sot and sent me on my way. I followed up with my regular doctor. I told her how it was fine, then I went to "step to the...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 12-24-2019, 07:44 AM
Replies: 4
Posted By Tulips
Thank you!!!

You all gave me some great ideas! I couldn't think anymore, I really appreciate the help! I'm off for a little lat minute shopping!!

Thanks again,
Board: Teachers' Lounge 12-23-2019, 12:11 PM
Replies: 4
Posted By Tulips
Gift for a teen boy

My boy is 14 and the only hobbies he really has are staring at his phone and playing on the XBox. I'm out of ideas....
So far: hoodie, 2 xbox games, xbox gift card, chocolate

Any thoughts?
Board: Teachers' Lounge 12-08-2019, 01:46 PM
Replies: 34
Posted By Tulips
Photo Friday

Thanks for sharing! I loved looking at all the photos!
Board: Teachers' Lounge 11-11-2019, 05:22 PM
Replies: 15
Posted By Tulips
A1c! Yay!

Way to go!!!
I need your determination as well. My A1c is right at 7.0, and if it goes any higher I'll have to start taking meds. I need to get off my butt and cut waay back on carbs and sugar. ...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 11-11-2019, 05:13 PM
Replies: 13
Posted By Tulips
Veteran's Day

I was!
I'm still in my pjs and it's 5pm. I watched stuff that was on the DVR, crocheted for a minute, played too many games on my cell phone, and now I'm lesson planning. I'm gonna get dressed in...

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