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Posts Made By: minkteach
Board: Middle School/Jr High (6-8) 10-06-2013, 06:07 PM
Replies: 4
Posted By minkteach
Test corrections

I have my students complete test corrections on any problem that they missed. They are allowed to buddy up if they are stuck or ask me for further help. I explain that redoing a wrong problem...
Board: Middle School/Jr High (6-8) 10-06-2013, 06:03 PM
Replies: 4
Posted By minkteach
Restaurant Day

Have a restaurant day with menus and then they have to find the tax, discount, tip, etc and tell them that they have 10 people at their table. You can make the students waiters who take the orders...
Board: Middle School/Jr High (6-8) 10-06-2013, 06:00 PM
Replies: 4
Posted By minkteach
Hard lesson

I realize that the teacher was inappropriate and I would politely say so to them but to the class I would remind them that we all have things we struggle with and aren't good at YET. The power of...
Board: Fourth Grade 10-06-2013, 05:54 PM
Replies: 1
Posted By minkteach
CA Map with Tortilla, lettuce, etc

Years ago, I saw a teacher have her students make a map of CA with a tortilla, lettuce, taco sauce, etc. I can not remember all she used for each region. Has anyone ever done this project or seen...
Board: Math & Science 08-27-2011, 06:35 AM
Replies: 9
Posted By minkteach

What grade do you use this with?
Board: Sixth Grade 08-27-2011, 06:24 AM
Replies: 7
Posted By minkteach
Time Capsule

Have the students answer questions and make a time capsule that you look at the last day of school. They will be amazed at how different the answers will be. You can play a game the last day...who...
Board: Sixth Grade 08-22-2011, 01:06 PM
Replies: 75
Posted By minkteach
New to 6th

Years teaching: 10
Years teaching 6th: this is my first
Departmentalized or self-contained:departmentalized
If departmentalized, what subject(s) do you teach? science and math
State: CA
Board: Middle School/Jr High (6-8) 08-20-2011, 02:51 PM
Replies: 48
Posted By minkteach
new to middle school

I am moving from elementary to middle and am so thankful that you posted all of these wonderful ideas. I will be teaching mostly earth science and a math period.
Board: Fourth Grade 05-31-2011, 09:01 AM
Replies: 8
Posted By minkteach

We create a class yearbook with pictures of things we did that year and vote on most creative, etc. Lots of great ideas here.
Board: Fourth Grade 09-11-2010, 01:43 PM
Replies: 34
Posted By minkteach
CA class

I have 33 right now. Our third grade classes are running at 38. Our district approved 33 in 3 to 5 and 31 in 1 and 2.
Board: Fourth Grade 08-26-2010, 06:32 PM
Replies: 2
Posted By minkteach

I usually pretest my advanced students and if they pass, then I move them on to different activities:
Spelling- challenge words
Reading - they read the story and take the test on their own. If...
Board: Fourth Grade 08-26-2010, 06:18 PM
Replies: 7
Posted By minkteach
a few each year

I usually have a few each year. They do not do any holiday projects including mother's day activities. We did harvest instead of halloween and had Reward for Hard Work parties instead of Holiday...
Board: Bulletin Boards & Classroom Themes 07-26-2010, 11:12 AM
Replies: 4
Posted By minkteach
light bulbs

i have seen alot of cute light bulb borders that you could use for "Bright Ideas" which you could tie to persuasive writing.
Board: Fourth Grade 07-26-2010, 11:01 AM
Replies: 7
Posted By minkteach

I use Words Their Way as well. I have to use the spelling words that go with our reading program so I pretest the students at the beginning of the week and adjust everyone's list accordingly...
Board: Fourth Grade 07-26-2010, 10:52 AM
Replies: 9
Posted By minkteach
office supply store

I bought mine from an office supply store (staples) I think. I had to have enough for 35 kids but they have lasted a few years and am still using them. I have them out in the pod. Love them.
Board: Fourth Grade 07-26-2010, 10:49 AM
Replies: 17
Posted By minkteach
Learn 360

Learn 360 is like Discovery Education but somewhat cheaper. You can get videos and worksheets on just about anything.

I love Brain Pop as well.
Board: Fourth Grade 07-24-2010, 04:38 PM
Replies: 6
Posted By minkteach

I am also interested and am in the Palm Springs area.
april.minker at dsusd dot us
Board: Fourth Grade 07-24-2010, 04:34 PM
Replies: 4
Posted By minkteach

I do my small group intervention after I have taught a skill that the others are practicing. This seems to work out since usually the small group of struggling readers will also have problems with...
Board: Fourth Grade 07-24-2010, 04:27 PM
Replies: 20
Posted By minkteach

These are great. Thank you for sharing.
Board: Fourth Grade 07-24-2010, 04:21 PM
Replies: 25
Posted By minkteach
reading logs

I, too, have struggled with this one. Many of our parents just sign the logs, and it is apparent the child has not read. We use Accelerated Reader so I have had AR goals and explained that in order...
Board: Bulletin Boards & Classroom Themes 06-13-2010, 11:26 AM
Replies: 2
Posted By minkteach
What about a safari where everyone is in search...

What about a safari where everyone is in search of a great book. They can list their book choices / reading reports etc. to go with on the bulletin board. You could decorate with safari hats and...
Board: Bulletin Boards & Classroom Themes 06-13-2010, 11:16 AM
Replies: 9
Posted By minkteach
Trade with someone

Sometimes we trade off with each other when we are tired of our theme. We use it then return it after a year. This has really cut costs. I just add a few different things. This works if you trust...
Board: Bulletin Boards & Classroom Themes 05-28-2010, 03:14 PM
Replies: 7
Posted By minkteach

We introduced the planets in 3rd grade so you could do a space theme.
Board: Bulletin Boards & Classroom Themes 04-28-2010, 10:18 AM
Replies: 10
Posted By minkteach
jungle camping

If you search the board for jungle or camping you will find all kinds of pictures and ideas. I made vines out of brown twisted construction paper and put green around them and hung stuffed monkeys...
Board: Bulletin Boards & Classroom Themes 04-28-2010, 10:10 AM
Replies: 0
Posted By minkteach
California / Pioneer Theme

I want to start planning my classroom theme for next year. I am thinking of doing a California or Pioneer theme since I teach in the CA desert and we study CA history. Any ideas?

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