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Posts Made By: cool2read
Board: BusyBoard 05-19-2020, 03:17 PM
Replies: 0
Posted By cool2read

Anyone familiar with this? I am wondering if itís $99.00 for each student and each ďlevelĒ. If so that would be almost impossible for a district to afford. Iíve emailed them asking and they...
Board: BusyBoard 05-19-2020, 03:14 PM
Replies: 12
Posted By cool2read

I have NEVER understood P doing that. Itís ridiculous. In this day and age when scores are so important why not have teachers stay in one grade to really sharpen and become top notch in that grade....
Board: BusyBoard 05-19-2020, 03:07 PM
Replies: 1
Posted By cool2read
EOY parade

We are doing a EOY parade where the parents drive cars through the school parking lot tomorrow afternoon. I need ideas on what to put on a poster board. I donít want ordinary! Something unique is...
Board: The VENT 05-10-2020, 09:11 AM
Replies: 33
Posted By cool2read
So would

I so would retire if I could afford the insurance. I have the years but who can afford the insurance.
Board: BusyBoard 03-31-2020, 11:14 AM
Replies: 0
Posted By cool2read
Anybody use Barton Dyslexia Program?

If so, what are you doing for this distance learning? I was going to use the optional extra activities but was not sure if that was copyrighted. I am just wanting to send packets of review work...
Board: Retired Teachers 02-14-2020, 06:27 AM
Replies: 15
Posted By cool2read
Thank each of you

Great advice. Thanks all so much for the great advice. Appreciate it.
Board: Retired Teachers 02-14-2020, 04:24 AM
Replies: 15
Posted By cool2read
How do you know if you can afford retirement ?!

I mean seriously I am in my 34 year and a few years off from drawing SS. Last year I went to meet with the ďretirementĒ rep and it was a joke. She told me nothing. Iím worried about health...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 07-15-2018, 04:51 PM
Replies: 18
Posted By cool2read
Same here

I popped in for a short time in 2017. Life just got way too busy.
Board: Intervention & Title I Services 07-08-2017, 05:58 AM
Replies: 2
Posted By cool2read

I posted in the high school area but thought I'd try this area also. I was asked to go to high school for a couple classes to work with struggling readers who are not on grade level. High school is...
Board: High School 07-08-2017, 05:38 AM
Replies: 1
Posted By cool2read
Where to start

I am going to jump to the high school for a few classes this year to help with struggling readers during the enrichment time slot. I have never actually taught high school. 8th grade is the highest...
Board: BusyBoard 01-03-2017, 08:00 AM
Replies: 0
Posted By cool2read
kindergarten unit of study writing

Anyone have lessons that they would be willing to share for Kindergarten UOS for writing? TIA
Board: BusyBoard 12-01-2016, 07:00 AM
Replies: 0
Posted By cool2read
Mosiac of thought list serve

Does anyone know what has happened to the Mosaic of thought list serve? I go to it and it appears but when I click on something it says no longer available and to click on something else but that...
Board: The VENT 10-15-2016, 03:28 AM
Replies: 14
Posted By cool2read

And those teachers are usually the ones who are causing the rumors about favorites being played. Immature teachers are the worst. Just do your job people. Teachers preach to students about being nice...
Board: The VENT 09-29-2016, 04:36 PM
Replies: 10
Posted By cool2read

Could not have said it any better! You nailed it:)
Board: BusyBoard 08-03-2016, 04:04 PM
Replies: 4
Posted By cool2read

Does it have a spot to put standards and essential questions? What makes it so good?
Board: BusyBoard 08-03-2016, 01:19 PM
Replies: 4
Posted By cool2read

Plan book. NOT playbook:(LOL
Board: Teachers' Lounge 08-03-2016, 01:13 PM
Replies: 37
Posted By cool2read
So sorry

Prayers . I know it has to be so hard
Board: BusyBoard 08-03-2016, 12:59 PM
Replies: 4
Posted By cool2read
Plan book versus gro

First off has anyone had any dealings with the gro app. It is geared for small groups/ guided reading. For an ap it's pricey(10.00). My question is if anyone uses it, how do you like it? I know...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 08-01-2016, 07:21 AM
Replies: 2
Posted By cool2read

So I started out being brave to finally clean out my closet. I stopped because I was getting severely depressed as nothing fits anymore. But hey the good news is I did t run to the kitchen!LOLLOLLOL
Board: Teachers' Lounge 07-20-2016, 04:31 PM
Replies: 16
Posted By cool2read
So sorry

You will run all kinds of emotions but eventually you will find you never want him back because he is so flawed and you deserve better. Hugs to you
Board: Teachers' Lounge 07-18-2016, 02:23 PM
Replies: 3
Posted By cool2read
Mine too

Keeps telling me my iCloud is full due to pictures but no where can I find them! Crazy
Board: Teachers' Lounge 07-17-2016, 04:06 PM
Replies: 113
Posted By cool2read
So sorry

Thoughts and prayers on your loss <!--dove-->
Board: Teachers' Lounge 07-12-2016, 03:21 PM
Replies: 5
Posted By cool2read

I feel your pain. What was I thinking ever making that purchase.
Board: Teachers' Lounge 07-12-2016, 03:14 PM
Replies: 8
Posted By cool2read
No help

I'm glad you posted this as I just bought my first box. :)
Board: Teachers' Lounge 07-09-2016, 06:02 AM
Replies: 13
Posted By cool2read
OMG why does he do this

I am about to wring dh neck. Never fails every second that I sit down in front of the tube , dh begins to read word for word something off the internet. This morning at 6:30 he reads about 50 reviews...

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