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Posts Made By: Munchkins
Board: Teachers' Lounge 01-24-2020, 07:00 PM
Replies: 9
Posted By Munchkins

However it got there, it looks like a blessing to me! Very cool!
Board: Teachers' Lounge 01-23-2020, 05:58 PM
Replies: 33
Posted By Munchkins
Long short week Yay, Friday Eve! Fun...

Long short week

Yay, Friday Eve!

Fun weekend ahead.

Party with band.
Board: Teachers' Lounge 01-23-2020, 02:03 PM
Replies: 22
Posted By Munchkins

Thank you for the update. You and your DD and DH continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. (((Hugs)))
Board: The VENT 01-21-2020, 06:14 PM
Replies: 8
Posted By Munchkins

It sounds like you are doing all you can, and doing a great job. There's just one thing I would change- do not keep them in for recess. They are the ones who need to run around the most, and you need...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 01-19-2020, 06:51 PM
Replies: 12
Posted By Munchkins

The look of love on all their faces is precious! Enjoy!!!
Board: Teachers' Lounge 01-19-2020, 05:03 PM
Replies: 13
Posted By Munchkins
Isotoner slippers?

I got a pair and I wear them out for errands. They pass for real boots but are slippers. The sole is nice and sturdy.
Board: Teachers' Lounge 01-19-2020, 03:08 PM
Replies: 9
Posted By Munchkins

My son, who is a very techy 29 yo, said that he always googles to find tech answers. So you are as techy as he is!

Yay, you!
Board: Teachers' Lounge 01-19-2020, 07:28 AM
Replies: 43
Posted By Munchkins


A trip to Australia is on our Bucket List. Fun game!
Board: Teachers' Lounge 01-19-2020, 06:24 AM
Replies: 16
Posted By Munchkins

We get it. We grieve the loss of their childhood and of the family unit the way we know it. Its hard, but its what is supposed to happen. You did a good job, and hes ready to spread his wings....
Board: Teachers' Lounge 01-18-2020, 06:51 AM
Replies: 8
Posted By Munchkins
He will love the pole and the socks. I think he...

He will love the pole and the socks. I think he would love a bag of dirt if it came from you- hes quite smitten! ;)
Board: Teachers' Lounge 01-18-2020, 06:49 AM
Replies: 17
Posted By Munchkins
Shop and get reimbursed?

Maybe she can shop at Costco and spend whatever he usually gives her, and text him the receipt and he can Venmo her (good idea!) I hope he keeps his word! What a lame gift, imho.
Board: Teachers' Lounge 01-17-2020, 06:46 PM
Replies: 32
Posted By Munchkins
Snowball fight

And heres my P throwing a marshmallow at me during the annual kindergarten snowball fight. So much fun!
Board: Teachers' Lounge 01-17-2020, 06:43 PM
Replies: 32
Posted By Munchkins
Football buddies

Here is DH with our pup- I got the dog a jersey to match DHs.
Board: BusyBoard 01-17-2020, 07:19 AM
Replies: 9
Posted By Munchkins
Just spoke with him...

My only question is who I'd be working with, because I know who is retiring and I would work well with the teacher staying.

It seems he really did want to know if I'd be open to the change, and if...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 01-16-2020, 06:49 PM
Replies: 63
Posted By Munchkins

Im so sorry for the loss of your dad. Prayers that your goodbye is peaceful and for safe travel for all.
Board: BusyBoard 01-16-2020, 06:44 PM
Replies: 9
Posted By Munchkins

I appreciate all your thoughts. I will talk to my P tomorrow and keep you posted. I do think the main building would be a better fit, and he knows me so well. If he asked me to think about it, hes...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 01-16-2020, 02:38 PM
Replies: 13
Posted By Munchkins
Jumped the Shark?

I sure hope this isn't the direction the show is going in- I don't do scary. I can do emotional, but not anything freaky-scary.
Board: BusyBoard 01-16-2020, 11:31 AM
Replies: 9
Posted By Munchkins
Kinders do take a lot of energy at the beginning...

Kinders do take a lot of energy at the beginning of the year. And k is state mandated so all my 1st graders will have at least a year of school under their belts.
Board: BusyBoard 01-16-2020, 07:25 AM
Replies: 9
Posted By Munchkins
K or 1st?

This is my 1st year teaching kindergarten, and I'm having a great time. Before that, I taught 1st for many years and loved that, too.

At this school, the primary building (preK and K) is a...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 01-16-2020, 02:39 AM
Replies: 26
Posted By Munchkins

I am so sorry to hear. We lost my mom to cancer a year ago.

Please call Hospice sooner than later. They have wonderful resources for both the patient and the family, including grief counseling...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 01-16-2020, 02:31 AM
Replies: 6
Posted By Munchkins
Oh, no!

So sorry to hear youre so ill. Feel better soon.
Board: Teachers' Lounge 01-14-2020, 02:20 PM
Replies: 23
Posted By Munchkins

Thank you for sharing your great news!
Board: Teachers' Lounge 01-14-2020, 02:19 PM
Replies: 31
Posted By Munchkins
Oh, how painful! Sending prayers for a quick...

Oh, how painful! Sending prayers for a quick recovery.
Board: The VENT 01-12-2020, 05:00 PM
Replies: 15
Posted By Munchkins
How awful!

I am so sorry you are being treated so poorly. Good for you for getting out of there ASAP. For the rest of the year, just read the script. It will make your lesson plans a breeze. I feel sorry for...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 01-12-2020, 03:06 PM
Replies: 21
Posted By Munchkins
Sounds wonderful!

Germany sounds great- Im sure youll enjoy it!

Last summer we went to Ireland and then straight to SC for my new job. I want to consider this time in the south as our vacation and make sure we...

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