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Posts Made By: julyrose
Board: High School 10-01-2017, 06:30 PM
Replies: 0
Posted By julyrose
Does anyone use emathinstruction for Algebra 1

I teach algebra 1 and have recently been exposed to emathinstruction by a colleague. Is this a good program? Do the reviews and the tests line up? I have seen a few videos and the lessons, but not...
Board: The VENT 06-11-2017, 09:51 AM
Replies: 14
Posted By julyrose
I had his seventh grade self this year!!

I can totally commiserate. I had a student this year with the same background and mother. We wrote research papers and he preliminarily titled his "This is Nuts!" I told him research papers weren't...
Board: Middle School/Jr High (6-8) 01-04-2017, 01:22 PM
Replies: 4
Posted By julyrose
Confidence is key

Fake it til you make it. These kids can sense weakness and fear. They know if you dislike them. With activities there is no real way to predict if they will enjoy it. Find the leader in the room and...
Board: BusyBoard 10-01-2016, 10:51 AM
Replies: 5
Posted By julyrose

Can he balance? Try to get a balance board and see how he does. Have him search through a passage and slash all the e's he can find in one minute. Track the progress. Get the game set. It will help...
Board: The VENT 10-01-2016, 10:44 AM
Replies: 8
Posted By julyrose
They sense your dread

I have taught this age group for the last sixteen years. Unlike the younger students all the excitement has to come from you. Even if they don't hate everything they have to hate everything. From...
Board: The VENT 10-01-2016, 10:38 AM
Replies: 28
Posted By julyrose
Oh so many

This year I've had more stupid questions than ever, but my favorite was in Biology while talking about incomplete dominance in cat fur. One of my brightest students said, "Wait! Cats lay eggs?"
Board: The VENT 07-19-2016, 01:19 PM
Replies: 14
Posted By julyrose
She works at my school too!

I refer to her as the fun vacuum. She is an equal opportunity offender for the most. She has a few "pets" that seem to do no wrong BUT she occasionally offends them too. It got so bad back this...
Board: The VENT 01-31-2016, 06:12 PM
Replies: 3
Posted By julyrose
Parent(s) making me crazy!

Have you seen "The Goldbergs?" Well I have Beverly as a parent. Her son has something wrong with him . . . aspergers something. She asked his doctor and he said maybe he was a super genius. The kid...
Board: The VENT 06-17-2015, 06:27 AM
Replies: 18
Posted By julyrose
Are you giving IOWAs?

Just wondering. That is what we give and the people from Riverside want us to be aware what is in the test and make sure we cover the objectives. The first time u heard this several teachers at the...
Board: Private Schools 04-27-2015, 07:53 PM
Replies: 11
Posted By julyrose
Finding God

We use Finding God 2005 edition in grades 7 & 8. I really like the updated look and the pictures. The content is right on point and the lessons are short and relatable. There are also really great...
Board: Private Schools 04-06-2015, 10:12 AM
Replies: 5
Posted By julyrose
Our Catholic school has tides of high and low

When I first started teaching 15 years ago, our school had about 87 students k-8. This was down from when I attended there 115 k-8. We got a new principal the year I began who wasn't Catholic. It...
Board: The VENT 04-06-2015, 09:37 AM
Replies: 43
Posted By julyrose
There is no way I'd miss this!

I have been a teacher for the last 14 years and I hate to take off. That being said this is not only a chance fora great get away that you could use to enrich your teaching experience, but it is time...
Board: Middle School/Jr High (6-8) 10-25-2014, 11:07 AM
Replies: 1
Posted By julyrose

Which gum has the most sugar? Have the students select several popular brands of chewing gum. Weigh the gum. Guess which brand has the most sugar because of taste. Chew the gum for five, ten, and...
Board: Middle School/Jr High (6-8) 10-25-2014, 11:03 AM
Replies: 1
Posted By julyrose
I had a few as well

I would simply tell them you love their mystery/horror/scifi genre they have been writing for, but the library is a little shy on drama/action/comedy. Challenge the students to no spells and NO...
Board: Private Schools 10-25-2014, 10:44 AM
Replies: 5
Posted By julyrose

I am interested. I have 12 students in grades 7-8 at my private school. I would be interested in joining if enough schools signed up and I had a place to send them to next.
Board: Middle School/Jr High (6-8) 07-27-2014, 08:05 PM
Replies: 8
Posted By julyrose
You'll love it!

Sixth grade is a really great age. For the most part, they are still somewhat innocent, and still think you are "cool." I have taught sixth, seventh, and eighth grade math. Start the year off with...
Board: Middle School/Jr High (6-8) 07-27-2014, 07:54 PM
Replies: 9
Posted By julyrose
Good idea

I like the idea of sending a beginning of the year letter. If you are going to make frequent contact with the parents I would indicate when in my letter. Also, like myself, you are guilty of...
Board: BusyBoard 03-04-2014, 10:35 AM
Replies: 3
Posted By julyrose
What topic in math are you teaching that day?

I have several ideas on how to make the lesson more interactive for an evaluation. I have used Saxon math 13 out of 14 years of teaching. What is the lesson over? I am sure we could help you more...
Board: The VENT 12-09-2013, 02:09 PM
Replies: 8
Posted By julyrose
Well I love Christmas but

it can get to be a bit hectic. As a suggestion, have you ever read "the envelope." It is a true short story about a family facing a similar situation of the "real meaning of Christmas." The dad...
Board: Private Schools 09-16-2013, 02:36 PM
Replies: 9
Posted By julyrose

We do uniforms for the fall pictures which go in the yearbook, and free dress for the spring pictures. This seems to appease the students, parents, and the teachers :)
Board: Middle School/Jr High (6-8) 09-16-2013, 02:32 PM
Replies: 1
Posted By julyrose
I used it last year

Last year I used Fundamentals I and II. I didn't love the format and be careful . . . the answer sheets for some of the quizzes are not right. This was probably what ticked me off the most. I spend...
Board: Private Schools 07-27-2013, 12:13 PM
Replies: 2
Posted By julyrose

Mrs. ----- class is growing in faith knowledge and service

Make it like a garden theme.
Have "fertilizers" like first communion, religion class, mass etc.

Take a picture of the kids and let...
Board: The VENT 07-27-2013, 11:55 AM
Replies: 16
Posted By julyrose

My great aunt, who was a high school math teacher for 30 years. When the kids said,"it's not fair!" She would say, "you are absolutely right the fair comes at the end of September and I can't wait...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 07-17-2013, 07:13 PM
Replies: 34
Posted By julyrose
Rarely use it,but

I use salt on cucumbers, watermelon, and tomato slices.
Board: Teachers' Lounge 07-17-2013, 07:11 PM
Replies: 14
Posted By julyrose
Contacts since sixth grade

I ave worn contacts since sixth grade and wear them all the time. I will go weeks without taking my contacts out and then rest my eyes a few days with glasses. I have only bought glasses twice I the...

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