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Posts Made By: FearNoArt
Board: TEACHERS' LOUNGE ARCHIVE 08-14-2006, 05:47 AM
Replies: 10
Posted By FearNoArt

hi Misk,
I just wanted to take a moment to welcome a fellow art teacher. Do you teach Elementary? I do, 1st-5th. I hope to share some ideas and thoughts with you throughout the year.:)
Board: ARCHIVE 06-22-2006, 12:59 PM
Replies: 11
Posted By FearNoArt
help me spend my hypothetical money....

Hi everyone,
I am in a graduate class where I have to spend a
hypothetical $15000 for technology for my classroom. I
have spent about 1/2 on digital cameras, classroom
response system, and...
Board: TEACHERS' LOUNGE ARCHIVE 01-27-2006, 04:34 AM
Replies: 15
Posted By FearNoArt

In my district in Delaware, we pay for our classes up front, then are reimbursed when we have completed the course and earned at least a B. However we are not fully reimbursed. There is a pot of...
Board: ARCHIVE 01-08-2006, 05:05 PM
Replies: 6
Posted By FearNoArt
Pencil Sharpener Blues

Hi everyone,
I need your help. Having gone through about 3 electric
pencil sharpeners in my 5 years of teaching art, I am
ready to buy a GOOD sharpener. My stipulations are that
it needs...
Board: TEACHERS' LOUNGE ARCHIVE 01-05-2006, 04:37 AM
Replies: 3
Posted By FearNoArt
Bridesmaid Shoes

Hi Everyone,
I am in a wedding in April of '06 and am in search of silver shoes. I found a pair on, but they are out of my size. Can anyone reccomend a GOOD website to order from? ...
Board: TEACHERS' LOUNGE ARCHIVE 12-13-2005, 04:50 AM
Replies: 9
Posted By FearNoArt
Italian Roast Beef

My Crock pot and I are Best Friends. I love coming home to a cooked meal. Here is an EASY Italian Roast beef recipe for the crock pot. Buy a Rump Roast, I usually get 5 or 6 lbs, and it will last...
Board: TEACHERS' LOUNGE ARCHIVE 12-13-2005, 04:47 AM
Replies: 13
Posted By FearNoArt

I am also a HUGE Cranium fan! I am 28, and we (my husband, and our friends) LOVE to play. We also like Catch Phrase.
Board: Visual & Performing Arts 12-11-2005, 01:02 PM
Replies: 0
Posted By FearNoArt
Zen Garden

Good Day,
I am planning on makine a Zen Garden for my husband for Christmas, but would love some advice. Have you ever made one? Can you offer tips?
Thank you
Board: TEACHERS' LOUNGE ARCHIVE 12-09-2005, 09:17 AM
Replies: 16
Posted By FearNoArt

First snow day for us in Delaware. too!!!!! However there are no snow days built into our school calendar, so the day off is bitter sweet!
Board: ARCHIVE 12-08-2005, 09:19 AM
Replies: 2
Posted By FearNoArt
Have you tried....

Have you tried looking for "self portraits?" That might make a difference. I am an art teacher and very rarely do I have a photograph of artists to share with students. Usually I introduce artists...
Board: TEACHERS' LOUNGE ARCHIVE 12-07-2005, 09:37 AM
Replies: 8
Posted By FearNoArt

I have a recipe that I always get compliments on.
For one pound of mini-meatballs melt one cup of grape concord jelly over low heat in a sauce pan. Once melted add a jar of chili sauce ( i...
Board: TEACHERS' LOUNGE ARCHIVE 12-01-2005, 05:06 PM
Replies: 17
Posted By FearNoArt
older mothers

I have no good advice, other than to tell you that we are in the same boat! I have never been in such a negitive situation as you are, but I plan to be an "older mother" as your collegues call it. ...
Board: TEACHERS' LOUNGE ARCHIVE 12-01-2005, 05:01 PM
Replies: 3
Posted By FearNoArt

I have been thinking about this and I keep coming back to one idea. I have done this and it can be time consuiming, but inexpensive. At a craft store like Michael's, you can buy clear, empty...
Board: TEACHERS' LOUNGE ARCHIVE 12-01-2005, 09:34 AM
Replies: 34
Posted By FearNoArt

Meet Valentino! He usually goes by Tino, but will answer to both. He turned 1 yesterday! We celebrated by going to obidience training, as we usually do on Wednesdays, where he took homemade doggie...
Board: TEACHERS' LOUNGE ARCHIVE 11-15-2005, 04:46 AM
Replies: 3
Posted By FearNoArt

Good morning,
I don't have stainless appliances, but I do have some stainless stuff in my bathrooms, and I found that windex is great for them. Just a thought!:o
Board: ARCHIVE 11-03-2005, 06:46 AM
Replies: 1
Posted By FearNoArt
Other (n/a) Getting to know you

Happy Thursday everyone,
I am about to begin my after school Talented and Gifted Program and I'm looking for an icebreaker/getting to know you activity. It is a small group of 9 students. Last...
Board: The Job Search 10-26-2005, 08:40 AM
Replies: 3
Posted By FearNoArt
Dover, Delaware

I am a teacher on DAFB. Most schools in the US that are on Air Base Housing, are actually run by the local school district. That is how it is here in Dover. When I applied I sent my...
Board: Town Hall 10-06-2005, 04:40 AM
Replies: 3
Posted By FearNoArt

I though a roll over effect with a short description would be helpful for the pins and tacks!
Just an idea!:o
Board: Visual & Performing Arts 10-03-2005, 05:21 AM
Replies: 3
Posted By FearNoArt
Geometric Shapes

Hi everyone,
I am in the process of teaching 2D shapes to students
1st -5th grade. I have searched the internet for a list
of the general geometric shapes, and came up with
different lists. Is...
Board: ARCHIVE 09-13-2005, 04:06 PM
Replies: 1
Posted By FearNoArt
Paint Tray

I have heard about people using gutters, like the ones on your house, for book shelves. I would think that a piece of gutter, attached to the easel with a few screws would do the trick.......
Board: ARCHIVE 08-31-2005, 04:53 PM
Replies: 4
Posted By FearNoArt

Hello there,
I am an art teacher and have a few sites with lessons to suggest.
I hope these sites offer...
Board: Town Hall 08-31-2005, 04:47 PM
Replies: 70
Posted By FearNoArt
So far so good!

Hi Hi,
I too am addicted to ProTeacher! I have been visiting for about 3 years now and check it daily. I find the teachers here so helpful and full of suggestions. Thank you Editor for...

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