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Posts Made By: knit1purl2
Board: Teachers' Lounge 03-19-2021, 03:29 PM
Replies: 12
Posted By knit1purl2
My counter depth is a lot taller

It actually has more space inside than my last fridge. I no longer have a place to store my lunch pail though.
Board: BusyBoard 02-20-2021, 07:14 AM
Replies: 3
Posted By knit1purl2
Has various Privacy settings

I have mine read aloud to me. I have it set so I am the only one who can view the video recordings. It is great for this.
Board: Teachers' Lounge 02-07-2021, 05:56 PM
Replies: 16
Posted By knit1purl2
Just bought Target towels

Tried the Threshold solid color ones and the ones labeled as spa. The spa ones were too linty even after washing 3 times and they both absorb moisture just fine. The non spa ones are nice.

Board: Teachers' Lounge 01-27-2021, 08:30 PM
Replies: 20
Posted By knit1purl2
Timer on electric blanket

In the past I would use an electric blanket, but then wake up sweating in the middle of the night.

I tried plugging it into a timer in the wall. The electric blanket would turn off at midnight,...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 01-10-2021, 05:41 PM
Replies: 5
Posted By knit1purl2
My experience

I did a sleep study, but not enough(!) apnea episodes to qualify for treatment of any type. I decided to buy a dental night appliance anyway. My insurance covered most of it. I never felt sleepy,...
Board: The VENT 01-04-2021, 04:15 PM
Replies: 7
Posted By knit1purl2
No guilt

Sometimes school funding has be used for certain purposes. If it is not used for that purpose, then that money is no longer available in future years. It is important to keep your position for an...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 01-03-2021, 06:51 PM
Replies: 6
Posted By knit1purl2
Food saver

Use it daily with the accessory tube and special corks to ‘seal’ the wine bottle
Board: Teachers' Lounge 01-02-2021, 08:43 AM
Replies: 7
Posted By knit1purl2
Thanks for the replies

Thank you for all of the ideas.
Board: Teachers' Lounge 01-01-2021, 11:56 AM
Replies: 7
Posted By knit1purl2
Explanation of current body --

I had the 'rotor rooter' surgery that opened up sinus passages so I can breathe again. The X-rays show my head before the surgery. When something altering happens to me, I seem to say old and...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 01-01-2021, 11:49 AM
Replies: 7
Posted By knit1purl2
Closet clean out

I just found old X-rays buried in the back of the closet. My name and birthday is printed in several places on every sheet. They are pre-surgery pictures that are no longer valid for my current...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 12-29-2020, 05:44 PM
Replies: 15
Posted By knit1purl2
Ask the store

I am a fan of red wine. Frank Family Zin is amazing. The price is a shocker too.
Board: Teachers' Lounge 12-08-2020, 09:15 PM
Replies: 1
Posted By knit1purl2
Buy Avery brand ap cards for your printer

I print my own at home using Avery cards
Board: The VENT 12-08-2020, 06:57 AM
Replies: 7
Posted By knit1purl2
State rules ó aargh

State needs to step up and alter all the rules about what must occur in schools. My district is the same. Drills monthly! Just stop.

State testing is still slated for this Spring. Really?
Board: Teachers' Lounge 12-04-2020, 11:26 AM
Replies: 9
Posted By knit1purl2
Ending contract

I just packaged the LIfe Alert system nd sent everything back to them. I donít remember having any difficultly.
Board: Teachers' Lounge 12-03-2020, 04:55 PM
Replies: 9
Posted By knit1purl2
Life alert

My parents had this. My dad had worsening dementia and a bad knee and my mom cared for him at home. My dad wore the necklace. It had a fall sensor. When he fell, the hub would have an operator...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 11-22-2020, 10:34 AM
Replies: 5
Posted By knit1purl2
I get a notification on my phone

I love my new machines that tell me when they are expected to be done, and a notifcation that pops up when the load is finished. Miele was pricey, but we our water use has gone way done.
Board: Teachers' Lounge 11-17-2020, 03:31 PM
Replies: 66
Posted By knit1purl2
Wine dogs chocolate

Wine dogs chocolate
Board: Teachers' Lounge 11-11-2020, 01:49 PM
Replies: 10
Posted By knit1purl2
Get away

I drove 30 minutes and stayed in a hotel off the freeway. It was a safe place. I got take out and a new book and went to my room. I didnít open the curtains, just ate and read. I donít have kids, but...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 11-11-2020, 08:05 AM
Replies: 8
Posted By knit1purl2
My opinion ó dispersal

The aerosols will not disperse quickly in colder air. Face shield will keep the wearerís aerosols localized and away from others.
Board: Teachers' Lounge 11-08-2020, 06:23 AM
Replies: 17
Posted By knit1purl2
Finesse for me

Shampoo every couple of days and condition every day for me. I also use the Neutrogena deep conditioning. Finesse is great and cheap too.
Board: Teachers' Lounge 11-03-2020, 07:05 AM
Replies: 23
Posted By knit1purl2
Mailed mine in

I voted three weeks ago and sent it USPS. I did not track it.
Board: Teachers' Lounge 11-03-2020, 07:01 AM
Replies: 17
Posted By knit1purl2

We have one living room with the kitchen in the back and the tv on the opposite wall. The only separation is an island. We can run the dishwasher when we are watching a movie. It does a great job...
Board: The VENT 10-30-2020, 11:03 AM
Replies: 11
Posted By knit1purl2
Gmails ó set up a filter

This is a mood saver for me. I hate the reply allís too. When the first email comes through I immediately set up a filter so any other messages with that subject go directly to the trash. I do...
Board: Teachers' Lounge 10-24-2020, 05:18 PM
Replies: 12
Posted By knit1purl2
Love th IT show

I miss watching it. On Prime, the actor who plays Moss, has a show called Gadget man. It a fun to watch too. No idea how to describe it though.
Board: Teachers' Lounge 10-23-2020, 05:59 PM
Replies: 4
Posted By knit1purl2
Fiberglass shower cleaner?

What do to recommend to use on the floor of the shower/bath? It is a textured floor, so Magic erasers get shredded. Iíve soaked borax, tried Dawn dish soap.

I have really hard water too. I...

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