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Here's the problem-- you're trying to control someone else, when the only person you can control is you. Instead of telling them what to do, tell then what you do. For example, I use these 3 rules for me. (The kids love it when I say that these rules are not for them....they are rules for the teacher! 1) I listen to 1 student at a time. 2) I listen to kids that raise their hands. 3) I teach when there are no distractions.

For the first few days you tell them these every time before you're going to explain something whole group. After awhile, they can finish the sentece for you. Last year kids would even say to each other "shhhhh! She only teaches when there are no distractions!!"

This is usually enough to stop the problem, but if you have to, when it's recess time you just get really sad and say, "Oh guys, this is so sad. We're supposed to be going out to recess right now, but remember earlier when I had to keep stoping because I was being distracted? Well, now we have to make up that time during part of recess. I'm sure tomorrow we will get another chance to make it to recess on time."

There ya go--- no complicated systems, card pulling, bribes...
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