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Effective ESOL Strategies

_____Make use of contextual clues (such as gestures, expressions,
body language) to facilitate understanding.
_____Use multiple media to provide different stimuli.
_____Provide individualized instruction and assistance.
_____Encourage peer tutoring, role-playing, and interaction.
_____Use written and pictorial forms (maps, graphs, charts, pictures, audiovisual aids, lists, semantic maps and webs, flow charts, outlines, etc.) to teach.
_____Adjust or shorten assignments appropriately.
_____Provide hands-on experiences whenever possible.
_____Use small group instruction and cooperative learning groups.
_____Define content area language or terminology for students.
_____Use alternative assessments, such as observation, demonstration, product or portfolio assessment.
_____Reduce oral and written directions and information to# easy-to-understand steps or parts.
_____Adapt written text and materials to facilitate comprehension.
_____Modify your speech

Speak clearly and enunciate carefully, using authentic natural speech

Use shorter, less complex sentences for students in the earlier stages

Use a slightly slower rate of speech, but be careful to maintain the natural rhythm and flow of the language.

Use longer, but natural, pauses.

Use fewer pronouns.

_____Repeat, rephrase, and/or paraphrase key concepts and directions.
_____Model and demonstrate procedures and thought processes.
_____Build on what students already know and relate ideas in relevant, real-life ways, i.e. "..just like you did yesterday with..."
_____Avoid using idioms or slang. Explain to them when they are used.
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