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My filing system isn't perfect, but I can find what I need quickly. Unfortunately, like you, I sometimes pile stuff, so I try to devote one lunch or planning break per week to catching up my filing.

Instead of one file per core subject, since you have so many articles and print offs saved, you might prefer several files per subject. For example, not just a file for "math" but a file labelled math; addition, math; subtraction, math;geometry, math;fractions, math;telling see what I mean? Because they all have "math" listed first, they'll be together in the drawer but now you'll have a file for each item you've saved.

Since we use a basal reader, so I have a color coded file for each story in the series, so I know where to put things that go with each story. The files are the same color as the cover of the reader, and they are numbered which makes them easy to put back. (ie, this week I'm on the fourth story in the red reader, so my stuff is in the red file #4. I have a separate file for stuff we study in phonics, say, long vowels, and vocab practice.

I also have a large file for each month of the year, so if I find things that go with Thanksgiving or New Years I know where to put them. Hanging files don't slide down and disappear, but the stuff in them tends to curl up, so I still use the old fashioned paper ones. Each summer I go thru all the files and trim them down to keep only the best stuff.

I also have one file per child, in a separate portable file box, to store their tests, work samples etc. Tucked in the back of that box is one file labelled "articles to reread" and one labelled "ideas for next time". I find its easiest to keep items I'll need soon, like notes from staff meetings, schedules, surveys, etc in a binder so I can grab it on my way out the door.
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