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If you would like to integrate some fun, technology, and art into your parts of speech lessons, try a Parts of Speech Tableau poster.

Students get in groups, and you assign the part of speech. If you have them, provide students with books about their assigned part of speech to research the definition, types, and examples.

Students create a poster with the definition, etc. on it, then take photos with a digital camera of a scene that will depict the part of speech.

Ex. One student group in the class studied conjunctions. They took a photo of a student eating a sandwich with ham AND cheese. They wrote a sentence below the photo describing the scene, and highlighted the word "and."

After the posters are decorated and complete, the class can judge the best ones. The winners of the poster contest have the opportunity to visit a younger grade level and present the parts of speech.

Hope this helps...the kids loved it.
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