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I also work in a district where we have walkthroughs by administrators.
The number of walkthroughs varies from principal to principal, depending upon their philosophy. Last year, our principal required a LOT of walkthroughs by all five assistant principals. Sometimes, I would look up, and more than one person would be in my class at a time. At first, it bugged me, but then I realized that it gave them an opportunity to know what a good job I was doing. Years ago, when I became a department chair, I realized that not everyone works as hard as I do. Therefore, the walkthroughs gave me a chance to shine. Eventually, once they knew I was doing my job, they quit coming to see me and focused on other teachers (who needed more attention, I guess). In my district, if you have tenure, you can just take walkthroughs in lieu of a formal assessment, and they repeat your same scores over and over again. I like that system. I haven't had anyone watch me do a complete lesson in
about ten years now. Also, I don't worry too much if anyone makes their way through my room. I do the best I can on any given day, and that's about all anyone can ask. I can't worry about what anyone thinks of me these days as long as I know I am doing my best.
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