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Smartboard sites
Old 12-28-2006, 05:59 PM
Clip to ScrapBook #2

(I posted these same sites a while back, in case someone who copied the list previously is wondering if this is a new list.)

These are sites I've compiled from a variety of sources. **If you want to copy and save this list, you can make live (direct) links using MS Word. Copy and paste the list into a 'Word' document. Put the cursor at the end of the URL, then hit return after each web address so that the link turns blue. Then, you can click on the link (CTRL+click) to get to the site without having to copy and paste each one into the address bar.**
=============================== =============
***Websites to use with Smartboard Technology***
(T) Teacher (S) Students

Smartboard-Vocabulary Games-good for kids! (S)

Pick a Word-Vocabulary-Smartboard (S)

Smartboard activity- Language Arts-Diamante-Poetry-nouns verbs (S) 2/Poetry/Diamantepoems/Introduction/default.htm

Funbrain-Site to use with students (S)

I Know That--Site to use with students (S)

Primary Games-Site to use with students (S)

Math-Symmetry-audio/video explanations (S)

List of Interactive Skill-Based Curriculum Activities and Games for Students (S) m

Interactive grammar activities-Site to use with students (S)

Interactive Math activities to use-Site to use with students (S)

Smartboard BUZZER for student games (S)

Smartboard-GenkiEnglish-ELD interactive games (S)

Smartboard Technologies-good downloads! (T)

Ready-made Jeopardy games for many different grades and subject areas (T) (S)

Smart Board Ideas shared by Middle School teachers (T)

Interactive Whiteboards In The Classroom

Lesson plans (T)

Resources-Sites to use with Smartboard (T)

Eduscapes-Lists sites to use in classroom (T)

Engaging Learners the Smartboard Way--excellent resources for all subject areas include some great tips for using Smartboards! (T)

Smartboard Ideas--lots of links to websites that provide great interactive activities appropriate for the Smartboard or any interactive white board. They are not dependent on the Smartboard software (T)

SmartBoard in the Classroom (T)

Teaching with a SmartBoard (T)

Web resources for use with SmartBoard (T)

Smartboards-Lessons and Teacher Training for using Smartboards (T)

Web Technology (T)

Using Electronic Whiteboards in Your Classroom: Profiles, ideas, lesson plans and web sites (T)

Teaching and learning resources (T)
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