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Kelso's Wheel
Old 01-01-2007, 12:58 PM

Last year, we had a particularly difficult group of first graders at our school. We researched ways to help them learn to get along, and we found a program called Kelso's Wheel. Kelso is a frog. He has a wheel that gives kids 9 ways to solve problems. I found a website that describes Kelso's program. It's not our website, but it explains it well.

Kelso's Choices are:
Go to another game
Share and take turns
Talk it out
Walk away
Ignore it
Tell them to stop
Make a deal
Wait and cool off

We've found that the kids actually like using the strategies and solving their problems on their own. We made a big deal of teaching the wheel by having all our teachers teach a different strategy, and let the kids go to a different teacher each day to learn about the strategies. We encouraged it by printing up good citizenship certificates and handed them out when we saw kids using the wheel. Then we had a celebration after all of the strategies had been taught. We had all the kids come together, and we did a review of all the strategies, had refreshments, and took pictures. It really helped the kids learn to solve their problems on their own.
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