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100th day
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There is a Carson & Dellossa reproducible book about using the 100's chart. We use it to find range, median, mode, etc., or solve computation with decimals...good review for "the test." (Students solve the problems and then shade in the answers on the chart, sometimes into a design and sometimes not.) You could easily make up your own to go along with what your students need to review.

I give the kids store ads and they have to spend $100. They must cut and glue the photos of what they buy and then complete the computation off to the side.

I write the numbers from 1-100 on index cards and place them in the middle of our sheet parachute. After the kids flip all of the cards off of the sheet, they collect several off of the floor. They must then find the range, median, mode, and mean of their data. They then work with a partner to correct each other's work.

they draw a picture of what they will look like in 100 years and then write about it.
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