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A Cheer
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I have to thank the kids when I hear them cheer when it is novel read aloud time. Isn't that what it is all about? My blog title" You've got to love what you have" of course came from Winn Dixie. We just finished The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. I didn't know what to pick up next but decided on Because of Winn Dixie. One of my higher level first graders had already checked it out of our school library--just because it was by the same author. And isn't this what I have mentioned in our reading meetings about how I always look for anything and everything by an author when I read something I truly love.

The Edward Tulane journey took us forever because of interruptions from snow days. So we would always retell to catch up with our thinking. I do think the full love of the story was lost because of so many delays. But in the end, we did reach the end. I may re-read it the last couple of weeks of school. What better way to send the kids off to enjoy their own journeys in life, in second grade?

But "just because" I happen to love reading and want my kids to enjoy all these marvels--we now take our thoughts to a dirty mangy dog who has a smile for all. Some days with the stress of paperwork, of upcoming achievement tests, with the hustle and bustle of fitting everything in to a school day--we may lose our smile. I want to put on that smile tomorrow and every day--a true love for teaching my wonderful students.

Until next time...happy reading!
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