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I'm Done Activities
Old 03-20-2007, 03:53 PM

I have a poster in the front of the room with "What to do when I'm done" They include...

  • Write a letter to a friend. Sometimes if you go to local card shops or grocery stores, they will give you last season's extra envelopes from the card dept. I use those and have a cardboard mailbox. They may write to a friend and "mail" it without sealing the envelope so that I may look and make sure it's appropriate and then mail it to that friend.
  • Do a wordsearch or puzzle. Carson Dellosa makes great seasonal books for St. Patrick's Day, etc. for about $3. They have mazes, what's wrong pictures and lots of other stuff.
  • Write in your journal.
  • Do math flashcards.
  • Look at a book from our browse basket. These are usually books not at an instructional level, but related to what we are studying.
  • Silent reading of course!
  • I also have file folder games that you can buy or make from your local teacher's store. (I tend to limit these since they are not independent.)
  • How to draw books for kids.
  • Practice spelling words on a dry erase board or small chalkboard.
  • Also, books called Doodleloops are great for creative writing purposes!
Of course you can limit any of these depending an your original activity, but overall these keep my faster workers busy for that extra 5-15 minutes you may need.

Good luck!
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