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Joined: Aug 2005
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one tool ---- whisper phones
Old 03-21-2007, 04:49 AM

Whisper Phones. They are cheap and simple to make. Take two pieces of curved plastic PC pipe and a short straight piece. Put them together to look like a telephone receiver. Student whisper reads in one end and can hear themselves with the end at their ear.

We learned this at a readers workshop a couple years ago.

We have 25 minutes of silent reading each day. Some students read with an adult, some read with a buddy (they can sit on the floor on pillows), some read to themselves (they can use whisper phones).

We use a pocket chart and change the arrangement each day.

Read from a chapter book daily to the class. We all read aloud fifteen minutes each day. Charlottes Web, Triumpet of the Swan, Charlies Chocolate Factory, The Ugly Ducklin, Stellalula, and the list of excellent books goes on and on. If you don't have the books, go to the public library and check out the book you want to read to the class. It's free.

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